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Helmet seller in Greece...

Article about: The guys practically the same as that joker 'Nikoslira' who claimed he was Greek but was actually posting from Bulgaria. He pinched photo's off the net ala Pawel Nowak stylee and clai

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    Default Helmet seller in Greece...

    So I was contacted by a member here (in Greece), says he hasn't done any business and has no references, sent me pics of a helmet, actually very nice. No PPal he says, MO or Bank Transfer, his name as researched on Google didn't raise any red flags. I said, send me a pic of you holding the helmet, meaning the typical Facebook type mugshot, self inflicted by way of Smartphone... And said wait because I'm not home, and then sent me a pic of a thumb or part of a hand holding the helmet, except the helmet isn't the same as the other one, counting on I being extremely stupid, or of very poor vision.

    I had my hopes up, but weariness pays off.

    He contacted me via the board, and asked for an email address to send pics to. Originally he sent about a 16 pics @ 640x480, along with this message;

    "Hello here you have some photos of the helmet. The price is 550 usd.
    You are free to ask and post the photos over the forum to be 100% sure if the helmet is original or not.

    Here are the a couple of the pics he'd sent this morning and then the last of "him folding the helmet". I've enlarged two of the originals to 800x600, as well as one of the last two he sent, for clarity.

    This fool and his $$$ won't soon part, hopefully.

    At this point this makes shopping on eBay look like a reasonably safe proposition...

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    Circuit advertisement Helmet seller in Greece...
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    Default Re: Helmet seller in Greece...

    First and last picture are two different helmets!
    Always looking for Belgian Congo stuff!


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    Default Re: Helmet seller in Greece...

    No, same helmet. Notice the dark areas - they are the same in all photos.
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    Default Re: Helmet seller in Greece...

    Hmm. An M40 or an M42?

    Can you let a Moderator or member of the forum staff know who this member is please. By private message and link to this thread.

    Looking for LDO marked EK2s and items relating to U-406.....

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    Default Re: Helmet seller in Greece...

    The last picture the helmet is an M42!!! WTF!!!

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    Default Re: Helmet seller in Greece...

    I wouldn't do business with him, but that's just me.

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    Default Re: Helmet seller in Greece...

    This reeks of Pawel Nowak. The last helmet is different from the one pictured in the first two photos.

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    Default Re: Helmet seller in Greece...

    I am sure I saw this helemt for sale on here about a month ago Rare, vintage and collectables online auctions

    When I emailed the guy for better pictures of the decal, he sent me pictures of a completely differant decal !

    I am sure he said he was some dealer in Greece or from Greece, cant remember correctly

    He did not accept paypal, was transfer only, his address was actually in London ! I should have made a note of it, i may be able to find the email he sent me !

    I contacted the admin staff and they kicked him off the site


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    Default Re: Helmet seller in Greece...

    A scam for sure , why would he sell a helmet via pm when he can put it in the Classifieds.
    And underpriced as a lure.

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    Default Re: Helmet seller in Greece...

    And who is the seller, what is their name here? Clearly a scam so don't feel like you need to protect them.

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