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Helmet type

Article about: Hi, I don't know your age or stage of collecting but if you like it, go for it. It is a bit overpriced though, because it is cracked. Everyone started with rusty lids at some point, so I see

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    Default Helmet type

    Hello mates

    Have been offered to buy this what do you think about it.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Helmet type   Helmet type  

    Helmet type   Helmet type  

    Helmet type  

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    Default Re: Helmet type

    I'm not an expert but it looks like a good honest M40 or M42 shell to me, how much is the seller asking for it?



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    Default Re: Helmet type

    Hello thanks for the opinion
    This is cheap one 40 € plus mailing.

    What do you think

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    Default Re: Helmet type

    It's a shell

    worthless IMO

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    Default Re: Helmet type

    no good? can someone explain so i can get more experience identifying and recognizing the bad ones.thanks

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    Default Re: Helmet type

    Theres nothing bad with it as such, its genuine but everyone has different tastes and opinions. To John this is just a worthless piece of metal, but to me its a helmet shell waiting to be refurbished or just kept as it is as a display piece I wouldnt pay 40 € for it though



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    Default Re: Helmet type

    oh ok though it was too bad that is was obvious. but i really dont know how to spot fakes in helmets. And here in portugal is very difficult to buy anything.
    most of you have luck. i dont know were do you guys buy things but my reallity for a helmet in that state 40 € is not expansive due to lack of it.

    Thanks again for your opinion about old M40 or M42 right

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    Default Re: Helmet type

    Its not an m42, from what i can see its an m40, m42 helmets do not have a rolled edge around the base, they have a flared edge which makes them look sharper around the edge, are there any markings inside?

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    Default Re: Helmet type

    -if it is the ony opportunity and you like it , go for it but don t pay to much for it
    the shell looks quite original to me
    you can use it as a study opject for atleast the stamps though

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    Default Re: Helmet type

    It also appears to have a crack/fracture in the top.....

    Pass on it !


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