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possible norwegian

Article about: Hello Guys ,Could this helmet have been used by the norwegian army post war,is the strap and liner norwegian .Thanks Paul

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    Default possible norwegian

    Hello Guys ,Could this helmet have been used by the norwegian army post war,is the strap and liner norwegian .Thanks Paul
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    I think the liner at least is Danish from the CF with crown marking in it, probably civil defence use. Whether the shell is wartime German is hard to say from these pics, it might be post war BGS. I'm pretty sure the paint is not wartime at least. Any markings on the shell?

    Nothing to suggest use by Norway anyway.

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    Not Norwegian. If I am not mistaken: CF= Civil Forsvaret(Civil Defence). I am quite sure it is Danish.
    Best Regards

    Vegard T.
    Looking for militaria from HKB 31./977, HKB 32./977, HKB 38./977 or militaria related to Norway

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    Thanks guys ,This helmet is for sale on a web site so i car,nt see any maker stamps due to only haveing these few pics to look at ,the seller wants £80 for it do you think its a reasonable price ,Paul.

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    How is this helmet being described, German ww2 original etc

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    Hi Paul,

    It depends what you are looking for, it's not a shocking price but you could probably find a nicer one for similar money. Do you just want a representative 'German helmet'?

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    I thought i,d get a german helmet which was used by a other nation i know the norwegians used them but not sure about the danes.did they use them?it is discribed has a refurbished german helmet for norway,but now it has a danish liner . I dont mind if it is danish i just need to know if it could of been used by the danes.Paul.

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    The CF marked stuff was, as far as I know, never used. They had masses of donated or bought foreign kit in storage in case Ivan decided the rest of Europe would look better in red. You can find lots of items marked CF from US M1 helmets to British gasmasks to apparently German reissued helmet shells. It could have been used by the fire service also.

    From the pics available, there seems to be a makers mark by the left ear which is a good sign for it being German. By the shape of those stamped vents and the angle of the skirt dip I'd be inclined to say it was made by the firm Quist, or maybe NS.

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    Thankyou for the info mate, Ill ask the guy what maker marks it has and if i decide to get it i,ll let you know who the maker is ,Thanks again Paul

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    I think it would be a nice lid to have as is.....price ain't too bad

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