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Vulcan Fiber Helmet - Questions

Article about: Posting this for a friend. Would love your thoughts. Photos are poor quality. And have asked for a close up of the decal. So a WW2 era Vulcan Fiber Parade? Or post war. Or could it even be m

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    I think your friend did well leaving it Michael.
    that decal looks to be a Strache thus the postwar application sounds very plausible, have never seen such decal on a vulcan fiber one. other than that the tricolor looks to be painted.
    the paint looks questionable too imo; it smells like a postwar operation definitely

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    Circuit advertisement Vulcan Fiber Helmet - Questions
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    great topic guys , I do not collect these so I really have zero knowledge on these kind of helmets, maybe in the future

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    Hi Frank, These are actually pretty interesting helmets in my opinion. They are feather light! To think that these were actually considered as combat helmets is astounding - when you pick one up you come to the realization that a bee bee from an air rifle will likely penetrate the shell. No protection at all, except maybe from the sun. Terry G. owns the Experimental Model 3 in the Baer book. It is named and unit marked, probably used in the field tests in 1934 during which it became abundantly clear that these were worthless as combat helmets. My Experimental Model 3 which is in this thread is named, and, interestingly enough (at least to me) identified to the same unit as the unit marking in Terry's. I always get a kick out of seeing helmets that have some connections. Anyway, these had a surge in popularity a few years ago but the interest seems to have waned. Not for me , however, and if I see any in the market I am still interested. Jim G.

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