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Damascus IOD89 presented to Leutnant Vieth in 1915

Article about: This is an Eickhorn damascus sword and i most admitt that these pics absolutely do it no justice, in hand this damast pattern comes to life and shows its true beauty! Its presented to leutna

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    Quote by Ullergaard View Post
    Truly magnificent Ger!!
    So glad it is you to be the protector of this wonderful sword.
    Thank you!

    But it seems like the story isnt over yet, the German Adelsforschung who helped me with my search only had 1 KIA officer Vieth in their database of the Prussian Army.
    But we all know that its not uncommon to have more relatives of 1 family in the Prussian army, so brothers, uncles etc would join the same time, sometimes even for generations.

    I sold a German collectors friend a SS Degen a couple of months ago and that same gent came accross a Sword with a very nice inscription, also a dedicated sword with regiment etc and named to.. Major Vieth a battl. commander in the same regiment IR 459 like my Hauptman Vieth served.
    WHAT A SURPRISE! i was blown away!
    The rank of major is the next one after Hauptman, so could he been promoted to Major and giving the 9th battl. to take command of, as he had the 3th battl. before that?
    The striking fact is that this major fought on the same battlefield places like the Hauptman Vieth, so this could be the same person.
    That brings us to the fact that the hauptman Vieth that died on the Flandern Front might not be the leutnant Vieth of the damast sword, he could be his brother or uncle?
    well this needs some more research, only problem is the destroying of almost all recods of the 1st WW during WW2, the archive burned complety down after a bombing raid in 1944.

    But how are the odds to find this name and unit on two differents swords, 1 purchaded in the USA and one that recently poped up in Germany!
    This is the beauty of internet and having a large group of collecters in my whatsapp
    I will keep you all posted and i will post this sword with its dedication when my German buddy gives me the green light to publish!

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    Circuit advertisement Damascus IOD89 presented to Leutnant Vieth in 1915
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    Very interesting development Ger.

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    This is a beautiful sword and an equally beautiful accompanying history story. Do you think there is a possibility that you might ever come across a picture of the gentleman in question?

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