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Help please : Authentic WW2 German Officer sword ?

Article about: Hi everyone ! Some weeks ago I bought a small collection of military swords (for my own collection, not to sell it) and there was this ww2 german officer sword in the lot. I am a connoisseur

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    An authentic sword. The portepee, have my doubts. Doesn't look like silver bullion thread.

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    Not Bahnschutz

    Help please : Authentic WW2 German Officer sword ?

    Sword portapee would have black leather strap with 3 rows of bullion thread, an all silver bullion knot with black end dot.

    The OP's portapee may be a post war invention.
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    Hi everyone,

    First of all I want to thank you all for your help and all the informations I'm really happy to know that my sword is an authentic one !

    About the portepee I did some research (to know, even if it was a copy, what kind of portepee it is) and I found the one on Weitze meanwhile too, I was planning to tell you about it when I logged on today but I'm glad to see that you are already talking about it
    I found a second one on another site, sold for 388$ in the US. If someone paid this price maybe the description in the link is correct ? I don't know...
    I can make other pictures of course if you need it, just let me know on what part I should focus on

    Here is the link :

    Germany, SS. A Second War SS Sword Portepee

    Thanks again for your help and greetings from Belgium,

    EDIT : Third one and fouth one found here below :

    Saber portepee for SS NCOs- Other SS items

    Original Third Reich SS Sword Portepee

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    The portepee you have posted in the OP and the example in #12 are neither SS or Bahnschutz. The question is what is it? It's not actually a sword portapee but a dagger or bayonet troddel. But I'm still waiting to see a TR period photo showing it in use. Dealers will sell anything they can make a buck on, regardless of whether it is authentic or a fantasy piece. Below is the correct troddel for Bahnschutz side arm (not sword) posted by a member previously.

    Help please : Authentic WW2 German Officer sword ?

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    Oddball ...I know you are new here ...but while the photos are still listed on those sites from the links you provided..could you post 1 photo of each before those photos are removed from those sights ..making your Post # 14 useless for future study.

    This supports our data base and helps others so that they do not make any mistakes in expensive purchases. Please do this for me

    I also agree with Anderson as well ...and if someone can put a price tag on a bag of dried leaves and say its from Hitlers front lawn..Im quite sure ...someone would buy it.

    Regards Larry
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

    One never knows what tree roots push to the surface of what laid buried before the tree was planted - Larry C

    “The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” - Winston Churchill

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    These Portepees are discussed a while ago on a German Forum, which has a lot of seasened collectors.
    These Portepees came on the market in the early 80ths, partly made of orginal parts.
    Fact is that they all agreed in the days that these are made up pieces, like Peter stated, no one exactly knows what they should be.
    So it took some oldltimers to get into the origines of the Portepees, they stated they are fakes, and looking at the straps with their "blurry"line i most agree.

    Problem with these older fakes is that they got 40 years on the belt already, the collectors who know what they are slowly stop collecting, so for the newbies they will be original in ten years, a name will be made up, and from that time one they only advert what some dealers ones stated on their website....... and it becomes original


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    This is one of the challenges for the hobby going forward. Some unscrupulous traders in militaria will try over time to blur the lines and mislead new collectors into believing post war fakes and fantasies are authentic. We need to be calling out the fakes regularly and spot lighting the traders who are peddling the myths, all of which are motivated by profit.

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