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Police/SS sword for officers.

Article about: Hi, Hope you like this sword - I just bought it Let me know, what you think of it - good or bad. These pictures is all I have for now. Regards

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    Agree, nice sword.

    It is a rarity to find a sword with a perfect scabbard. They are long, clumsy and lets not forget they were carried through war by the victor and brought home afterwards.

    I would rather a few dents than a resprayed scabbard which usually means the dents have been filled and covered over.

    best matty

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    Circuit advertisement Police/SS sword for officers.
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    I also prefer a few dents compared to a postwar repainted scabbard - all history disappears with the new paint. my opinion, this applies to all ww2 militaria.

    As for market-value, where are we - 1300-1500USD?


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    Hi replace

    Once we go down the respraying route, at what point is an item classed as a reproduction? Its not original, as the bit you can see is modern so how does that make it any different from something made yesterday?

    All worth a thought.

    Value wise, I don't know exactly. They are quite popular amongst collectors I think, especially if you have a decent one.


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    nice piece.

    William Kramer

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    In 2019 I added this one to my collection - this one is in fantastic condition!

    Polizei Führerdegen

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Police/SS sword for officers.   Police/SS sword for officers.  

    Police/SS sword for officers.   Police/SS sword for officers.  

    Police/SS sword for officers.   Police/SS sword for officers.  

    Police/SS sword for officers.  

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    Thumbs up

    Hello !
    Congrats as it is truely in stellar condition !!! chipping is often found in the wood around the eagle and not here !!! Perfect !!

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    Looks awesome. I love the nordic knot on these type of swords. Very fashionable.

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