Just so everybody is aware, the old style photo uploading feature is still available. Personally, I find it A LOT easier to use.

It is simple to make it your default:

Simply look at the top right of the main forum menu. Click on SETTINGS. Then, on the left you will need to find MY SETTINGS. From there, click on GENERAL SETTINGS. Scroll down a bit and you will see MISCELLANEOUS OPTIONS. The third box down, you will see "Enhanced Attachment Uploading" (it is NOT highlighted, and it is in the same font and size as most of the text contained therein, so read carefully). Simply click the dot box for "Enhanced Attachment Uploading off" and you are all set to download images easily and quickly - Just like me... Just do not forget to click on the SAVE CHANGES box on the bottom of the page after you are done!

Please PM me with questions if you have any difficulty. This feature is so easy to use. SO, NO MORE PHOTOBUCKET, IMAGESHACK, JOE'S IMAGE HOSTING, PHOTOGRAPH CATHOUSE, OR WHATEVER! OK?

Many thanks and kindest regards to all,