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Technical Assistance

Article about: Gentlemen, I am trying to upload new pictures and as I "add" new pictures the following message comes on the screen. The following errors occurred: IMG_58962.HEIC;invalid file Now

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    I think files with an HEIC extension are compressed video, maybe the photos you are trying to download are part of a burst of several images?

    If you get one of the pictures up on your phone you could also try to do a screen grab of it and then save it to your phone photos folder, I think the grabbed images might load ok. It might be worth a test. Hope you get sorted soon. Good luck!

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    Yes I am using an apple. I will google how to change it. thanks everyone, I am sorry if I have caused an issue.


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    Hi Kieth worries ..we look forward to the photos when you post them in their own forums.

    Members Blackcat and Buellmeister have good advice as well.
    I know apple phones can be quirky sometimes.

    Regards Larry
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    No problem at all. I went through the same issue with my Apple and all was fine thereafter with changing the picture format.

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