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Help on NORGE. Ring

Article about: Anyone have any advice on this one, besides stay away from rings. Which is the best advice I’ve received from you volks. And yet still.... thanks in advance

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    This is where people discuss the badge. Look for identical errors. The fact that 2 million of these badges were produced does not mean anything to the masters. matrices could be 100 pieces, all identical? Are you seriously? There is nothing to talk about here.
    Help on NORGE. Ringг

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    funny reasons, this is not a potato, this is a stamp and such defects are not permissible for a stamp, if you generally understand the specifics of stamps and how it works
    Laugh, go on )))

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    You don’t understand, potatoes are a joke. Okay, we have a ring, the scammers want to make a copy. How will they do it? Is the metal supplied to the matrix under pressure during the manufacture of the original ring? Are you using a stamp? Please answer

    I recently had a conversation on facebook. Badge issued in an extremely small edition. I said we do not have 10,000 copies, that is, there is no basis for the original / copy verdict. I offered to make a verdict on the originality of the firm's stamp. I was told that using a laser, you can make a stamp of any quality. That is, now there is no reason to talk about the originality of the subject. Buying a thing is always 50/50. There is no reason to buy. As I said before, just get the hand of a dead soldier out of the ground. With mass production of items, there will always be errors, single production, it is impossible to give even 1%. I looked at the Visor caps database here, there are threads about the destruction of legends. There were many mistakes, no one will ever cancel the human factor. The jeweler will not throw a ring with defects to the trash, as you showed earlier, if the master has 100 of these rings in production

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    Unfortunately, quality of a picture the first ring is not good
    Anyway, here is 2 rings

    Help on NORGE. Ring

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    I dare to assure you that good enough copies are made by the usual method, using rubber and wax, if a good master, then the copy will be of very high quality, so even this method is enough to mislead you, secondly, I indicated the reasons above why I consider the ring to be a copy, I often met owners of large internet auctions who sold copies or even fantasy rings, as I understand they can understand clothes, awards, daggers, but NOT FACT that they understand rings. So you need to always approach the issue of checking the rings carefully, and not trust the seller unconditionally. All the photos shown either give reason to doubt the originality of the ring or are very bad, in order to judge the originality.

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    Quote by Panzernutter View Post
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    Anyone have any advice on this one, besides stay away from rings. Which is the best advice I’ve received from you volks. And yet still.... thanks in advance

    Comrade, I advise you to look at youtube how rings are made. The rings are made by melting the metal and there is no pressure. They did it 100 years ago, they do it now. The mistakes were 100 years ago, and they are exactly the same now. Therefore, it is impossible to prove the originality of the ring. We can speak of originality if the ring has complex ceramics, as on this ring. I bought this ring for 220€. But I sure, this ring is original. Because we have ceramics.

    Help on NORGE. Ring

    If the rings were made using a matrix and the metal is processed using a press. We would have the right to talk about matrix defects - in the original, there is no defect, in a fake we have.

    Now it is possible to determine only with the help of an examination of the metal from which the ring is made to determine the age of the metal and its chemical composition. But it is very expensive, and it is not a fact that we have the opportunity to make an examination. It's only cheap for the police. Everything else is a matter of each person's faith.

    If you accept Gwar colleague's ring as an original, then we can say that your ring is also an original. Otherwise, both of these rings are fake.

    To find any video YouTube, how made a rings, and You will understand everything.


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    Quote by Evgeniy View Post
    I dare to assure you that good enough copies are made by the usual method, using rubber and wax,
    I agree with you 100%. I'm talking about production technology. If it's a die and a press, that's one thing. If it is wax and rubber it is different. If the rings were made using a matrix and a press, matrix errors will always be on all rings, identical without exception. We see this on the EK2 class, which, as we know, do not have the manufacturer's stamp. But they have matrix defects, which are used to find the manufacturer's name. Rings are not made like that. That is, we will always have errors on all rings. You must remember my question about the Fallschirmhäger ring. On the Wehrmacht forum, my ring was identified as a fake. but I found on the forum earlier exactly the same ring, which everyone identified as the original. 2 identical rings and 2 different verdicts. This indicates the low qualifications of the commentators. People do not understand what they are talking about. An Order Making - video

    As we can see, a press and a matrix are used - the defects will be identical.

    In this video, making a ring using wax

    At 10.35 seconds, we see the ancient technology of "pressing". As we can see, defects in one workshop are inevitable. Rings will always have unique defects, we cannot talk about the repeatability of defects.
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