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Greetings & Thanks!

Article about: Greetings to everyone! As a brand new member, I have to say that 1/2 hr browsing this site has taught me more than many weeks on the Internet! I have only recently started to take a very hum

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    Smile Greetings & Thanks!

    Greetings to everyone!
    As a brand new member, I have to say that 1/2 hr browsing this site has taught me more than many weeks on the Internet! I have only recently started to take a very humble interest in Russian WW2 militaria and was put off a little because Russian WW2 pattern items seem to have been made and used by half the world for several decades after GPW! I should like to acquire the uniform and eqpt of an ordinary OR infantryman - but there seems to be a maze of issues concerning identifying what's correct - quite apart from finding the money to pay for it! I have a Lend Lease leather belt (dated 44) and a mess tin (I said it was humble!) I should like advice on idnetifying and sourcing stuff like backpack, canteen and an authentic uniform.
    What I have read so far on this forum has been very helpful - keep it up and greetings from Kent, England!


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    welcome to the forum alysloper these guys really know there stuff on here its ace

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    Hi Ian, welcome to the forum!

    Glad you are finding it useful and interesting.

    Being in the UK, like myself, you will find very little indeed for sale locally from British dealers. I can reccommend some dealers to you and I will send you a PM with these. But give me time on this. I have a very busy weekend coming up.

    The field gear you should be able to put together. A pack will be the most expensive item and hardest to find. The uniform on the other hand will be very difficult and expensive to find. Wartime Soviet other ranks uniforms are very, very rare. They were simply worn to destruction. You need to decide which era of the war you are interested in. Early war Obr35 uniforms and associated gear is harder to find still and is more expensive. Later Obr43 uniforms are a bit easier to find. If you are prepaired to buy a later dated late 1940's or early 1950's uniform you options will increase a bit. But again these are not common by any means.

    Have you ever thought of joining a RKKA re-enactment group? Here in the UK I am 2i/c of 2nd Guards Rifle Division. Many group memebers are collectors too. We could certainly help you and you would get to see items in hand

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Welcome Ian !

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    Hello Ian and welcome! This forum is certainly a wealth of information and also full of helpful folks so I am sure you will enjoy your time here!

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    It is refreshing to learn that yet another shows an interest in our facet of the hobby...

    As Ade has written, most WWII items (especially cloth) are long gone, but there are some to be had. However, prepare to pay a premium, as this stuff is certainly rare and getting rarer every day.

    My only advice at this time is: Do your homework, and ask questions BEFORE you buy if you even feel the slightest bit unsure and/or uncomfortable about an item that you are interested in or have been offered.

    We are here to offer our unbiased opinions and our unselfish assistance in any case...

    Good luck and good hunting.

    Non nobis, Domine, non nobis, sed nomini tuo da gloriam!


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