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M49 parade uniforms

Article about: Hello everyone, in my stride to collect an example of every major uniform regulation for Officers and enlisted personnel I am currently seeking any information on the very rare and short liv

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    Default M49 parade uniforms

    Hello everyone, in my stride to collect an example of every major uniform regulation for Officers and enlisted personnel I am currently seeking any information on the very rare and short lived M49 parade regulations. It seems no information exists on the English side of the spectrum. I have acquired the accompanying cap for this tunic, luckily for me the caps are quite well documented thanks to our great friend Randall Stewart of Under the Red Star. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    M49 photos
    M49 parade uniformsM49 parade uniformsM49 parade uniformsM49 parade uniforms

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    What specifically do you want to know?

    To the best of my knowledge, the VVS went ahead and did it's own thing with these Mundirs but were copied quickly by Armoured Forces with their own version with a Black velvet collar.

    I believe the Zhukov reforms standardised this pattern for all arms of service in Feb 1955.

    If I remember rightly, Rupert Friend's character in the hilariously irreverent (and excellently researched) film 'Death of Stalin' can be seen in such a uniform.

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    Any information helps, Could not find much info anywhere else. Thank you!

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    Following up, Armoured and VVS jackets were both adopted in Apr 1949 and the rest of the armed forces followed in 1952. The soviets realised they couldn't re-clothe a huge (and demobilising Army) all at once so these arms were prioritised; it was the same pre-war when they got steel grey and blue uniforms respectively. As a rule of thumb, the bravest personnel in any Army are Tank crews (and flyers to a lesser extent).

    Russian Wikipedia will tell you everything you need to know. Get to this section "Новая форма для комсостава ВВС и танковых войск" and let google translate do the hard work for you.

    Военная форма Советской армии — Википедия

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    Thank you friend! This helps greatly. My internet does not pop up Russian sites so I have to be linked to them.

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    The uniform in the first post is for sale on Savash Antiques at the moment. Azad is a very reliable and good seller, I highly recommend him. This jacket looks very nice and one can see the traces of awards having been on the uniform for a long time. Would make a great project to add the missing awards again

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    Yes, I plan to purchase. How would one go about replacing the correct awards? I would find it almost impossible to know what awards originally existed in the correct locations. The only thing I could go off of is the size of the screwplate that held the medal on.

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    Of course it is not possible to be 100% correct but the obverse leaves impressions in the fabric as well so it is possible to get close to perfect. Have this with two of my wartime uniforms where the obverse impressions are clear. Obviously the nuts leave all similar marks on the inside of the tunic so it is impossible to go just from there.

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    Well Marcel, I have decided to purchase the coat. When it arrives I will take photos of the interior of the coat, and then maybe we can do a bit of brainstorming eh?

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    Congrats with a beautiful coat

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