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Soviet cap cockade. Authentic?

Article about: Hello, I’m wondering if this cockade is real or fake. Raul

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    Default Soviet cap cockade. Authentic?

    Hello, I’m wondering if this cockade is real or fake. Raul

    Soviet cap cockade. Authentic?

    Soviet cap cockade. Authentic?

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    Circuit advertisement Soviet cap cockade. Authentic?
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    It probably is, however a bit suspicious of why there is no enamel. what's the price?

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    19 euro

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    Is it from a reputable dealer?

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    Zemlyanka is, in my opinion, a very reputable source.

    I believe that they have made realistic reproductions of old soviet cockade stars, but have also sold real ones. In the description, do they claim it to be real or a reproduction? They state if they are selling repros or not.

    Personally, I don't know anything about cockade stars to help you with if it is authentic or not, but I am a bit familiar with Zemlyanka.

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    They describe it as real. Raul

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    Well, it's your decision. 19 euros isn't that much money, so you wouldn't be losing too much money, and if it turns out to be real, great! if it turns out not to be real, you could use it for re-enactments.

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    Let me start by saying I have no clue about the originality of the shown star. These are out of my comfortzone. I can however say that not all on that dealer's webpage is as described. I have seen postwar items being sold as wartime and I have seen an occasional fake as well. So know your stuff when you buy there (which goes for buying at every dealer).

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    I agree with this comment. I too have looked at this website and see some good stuff. But I also see things that give me pause. And, their descriptions/photos are lacking on many items.

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