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9th Air Force Army Air Corps set.

Article about: So, back for a post after a long pause in collecting. Life trumps hobbies l believe. I have lost a job due to the collapse and bankruptcy of my employer, but was lucky enough to have just th

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    Default 9th Air Force Army Air Corps set.

    So, back for a post after a long pause in collecting. Life trumps hobbies l believe.

    I have lost a job due to the collapse and bankruptcy of my employer, but was lucky enough to have just the skill set desired by another company who was offering pay within a dollar of what I was making. I was one of the lucky ones.

    A coworker approached me after we had discussed my small collection and my 1980s USAF blues tunic. He served in the USAF then and quite enjoyed my recreation. He offered me a officer tunic and crusher cap that he had. He had them for some time, and figured the owner to have been a pilot because he had been awarded several DFCs. The only other ribbon is the regular European service with 4 stars. The cap is crushed for sure, not sure if it is a real crusher. The maker is "Helmet Brand". Here are some quick pics, and I will add better ones soon.
    9th Air Force Army Air Corps set.9th Air Force Army Air Corps set.
    9th Air Force Army Air Corps set.

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    Nice things.
    You have known how to use your time, you honor your nickname.
    I'm glad you got another job.

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    Like I said before, it is supposed to be a crusher cap, and the visor is super flexible as I read somewhere here..

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    So nobody has any idea if the cap shown is a real crusher cap or not? I mistakenly referred to the ribbon for the air medal as the DFC ribbon. Whoops. Still seems like a lot of air medal awards. The criteria for the award are somewhat confusing.
    Anyway, I have $30 US invested in this grouping, so even if it isn't a real crusher, I did ok.
    Feel free to offer an opinion or comment.

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    Hey carp,
    Good to see you posting again.
    I'm glad to hear that the employment situation has turned out well.

    As far as Crusher, It is a 50 mission crusher in the sense of the word. But some say(I Don't) that it needs to be made by a specific maker(Bancroft) to be called a true crusher.(Patented Brand name). I will add, I am not a Visor guy, So other might chime in with more experience.
    Is the visor single ply leather and flexible?

    It looks like the Air Medal has 4 oak leaf's, with one being Silver. I'm not sure about the 9th AF, But the 8th AF awarded the Air Medal after 5 combat flights, Each Bronze colored oak leaf was an additional 5. The silver oak leaf was for 20 awards given. So that Gent's has 40 combat flights under his wings. They were also awarded for aerial combat feats(Shot down a Plane)

    Great looking grouping.
    Your crusher has that Been There, Done That and stuffed in my flight suit pocket look!!

    Is there a name or service number anywhere??
    Sometimes found under the visor sweatband.

    Semper Fi

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    Thanks for checking it out Phil and Santi! Unfortunately I can't find a number anywhere. It looks like there used to be captain bars on the shoulders. I wish I could find out more but without any number that doesn't seem likely. The crusher is marked on the sweat diamond with "Helmet Brand" I believe. The visor I very flexible, not sure of the thickness. I would like to restore the tunic a little. Maybe a set of wings and the insignia. I couldn't believe he only wanted $30! He said he wanted it to go somewhere it would be appreciated. He liked what I did with my Air Force blue tunic too.
    I quite like these pieces and wish I knew their history!

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