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Current US unit patches, (for uniform / helmet cover)

Article about: Hi, mates, do need help regarding identification of this, particular, US- patches. Curious regarding the units, the time frame the patches were introduced, and, where, (in which countrys), t

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    3- looks like the 86th infantry division but I'm not 100% sure
    6- I remember looking this one up a few months ago I think its a command patch
    14- 10th mountain division missing the "mountain" tab
    18- 82nd Airborne missing the airborne tab
    20- 94th division
    21- 8th division
    24- 100th division
    28- 7th division
    30- 25th division
    31- 101st airborne missing the airborne tab
    35- 6th division?

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    Just a note the coLour images on some BDU could be OCP Bagby Green , if they have a hook and loop Woodland BDU were issued up to 2005 ish OCP Bagby Green 2010 onwards.

    ACU Foliage Green Grey used 2004-2010

    1 New Hampshire ANG BDU
    2 1st Space Bde ACU
    3 11th Aviation Bde BDU
    4 18th MP Bde BDU
    5Chemical Centre & School BDU
    7 6TH Cav Bde BDU
    8 Ordnace Centre School BDU
    9 Soldier Support Centre BDU
    10 415TH Chemical Bde BDU
    11 1108th Signal Bde BDU
    12 1ST Field Foce Vietnam BDU FWTS
    13 49th QM Group ACU
    14 10TH Mtn Div. (Lt) ACU missing mountain Tab
    15 14th MP BDE BDU
    16 256th Inf Bde Mech BDU Turn it the other way round
    17 3d ACR BDU
    18 82d Abn Div BDU requires tab
    19 81st Inf Bde Mech WA-ANG
    20 94TH ARCOM/94th Regional Spt COM BDU
    21 8th ID BDU
    22 II CORP BDU FWTS Inactivated 1970
    23 30th ID/INF BDE/ARMD BDE BDU 1968-2004 turn on end you have it WWI way.
    24 100th Div Trainning BDU
    25 US Army Pacific BDU 1968-2004 Point to 10 oclock
    26 108th Div Trainning BDU could be OCP does it have hook and loop?
    27 Eighth US Army ACU grey should be touching ground
    28 7th Inf Div LT BDU
    29 9th Theatre Army Command BDU
    30 25th Inf Div BDU
    31 101st Abn Div Air Assault DCU
    32 US Army Material Command BDU
    33 1st Support Command /1st Corp Support Command BDU Point 10'oclock
    34 Army Health Services Command Army Medical Command BDU
    35 VII Corp BDU
    36 2 ACR BDU
    37 16th Sustainment Bde ACU

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    Thx. a lot !

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