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M43 Field Jacket (101st Airborne)

Article about: I stumbled across this M43 Field Jacket on eBay that appears to be from the 101st Airborne. I know these jackets and patches are reproduced so wanted to get some opinions on it. The seller s

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    Hi there

    Very hard to explain in a few tips , take the 101st , in one case the same manufacturer was making the same patch on the same machinery and probably using the same style tape from 1942-1968.
    Add to that if you look at Bando's site that list 14 different WWII "types " plus there are various other sub types that he doesn't list.
    I collect 1950's eagles and some I have would confuse you as WWII era, as well as during early to mid 50's when the 101st was reactivated as airborne Div. , there were dozens of different types produced both official and unofficial.

    Also as per Rene, yes the patch could of been put on during the war, my main point was there was a previous patch and thats the talking point for collectors.


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    Thank you for the info! I have lots of studying up to do for sure haha!

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    Lucky winner paid a Rich US $151.00!!!

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    The patch may have been placed higher to conform to specs
    - 1" below the shoulder seam. Not a bad price
    these days I guess.........


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