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Question: US military Jacket

Article about: It does look a lot like a dispatch riders coat, at first I thought it was an anti louse coat, cant think what else it would be except a dispatch riders coat. \\$25.00 is a bargain for that eve

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    Default Question: US military Jacket

    Hey everyone,

    I found this jacket for sale, $25. Is it anything special? Thanks!
    Attached Images Attached Images Question: US military Jacket  Question: US military Jacket 

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    Default Re: Question: US military Jacket

    It is not American. I do not know who produced it.

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    Default Re: Question: US military Jacket

    Neither do I, I havent actually bought it im just wondering If I should, sorry if that was unclear! Thanks for the help though.

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    Default Re: Question: US military Jacket

    Broad arrow (crow's foot) marking usually means British, but I can't see enough of the garment to identify it. Some kind of protective gear.

    I'm not crazy about the "improved "5" in "1945".


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    Default Re: Question: US military Jacket

    Alright, thanks. Do you think that the what looks to be 'sharpied on' 5 means that the jacket may be fake/not ww2 and then stamped 1945 by someone? Do you think $25 is an okay buy?

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    Default Re: Question: US military Jacket

    Hard to say. It may be that the "5" was faint and the seller wanted to remove any doubt, or it could be that the real date is post-war, 1946-1949, and therefore worth much less.

    Actually there was so much wartime stuff (surplus) floating around in the post-war years that chances are it is wartime, but I always tend to imagine myself trying to sell something if I ever need to....in a few years time. How do I convince a possible buyer that the date hasn't been mesed with?

    As for price....to be honest, I don't know what it is although I think it's British.

    If you want to invest $25 plus postage and call it a research project (e.g. Google the manufacturer, and look for other marks) that would be reasonable. But does this fit in with your collection and the way you want to go with it, or whether there's something else you would rather spend $25 on.

    Must admit a lot of WW1, WW2, and Korean War stuff is going up in value (even legit Vietnam and Gulf Wars 1 and 2), but I'd have to know what the garment is before putting a price on it.

    Hope this helps.


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    Default Re: Question: US military Jacket

    British issue. Looks like the despatch riders coat. The date is correct as the WD code matches up as "Z" = 1945.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: Question: US military Jacket

    When I referred to "protective clothing", a dispatch rider's gear was one of the possibilities I was thinking of.

    This kind of canvas has ben widely used by the WD. I was just looking at a RFC flying suit 1917-18 made of the same brown canvas. Made a bid but the family has decided to keep it (and the cap, maternity jacket and britches that belonged to grandad). Pity from my point of view, but I never compalain when people care enough about their heritage to turn down my offer.



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    Default Re: Question: US military Jacket

    Thankyou for the replies! Do you guys think that paying $25 is an okay deal? I mean its like a 20 minute drive away so there is no need for shipping costs.

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    Default Re: Question: US military Jacket

    If you really want it, get it.
    If thats what you want, then 25$ is a good price.

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