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Here's some more pictures from the CBI Uniform, the coat has "H-1896" written inside, the tag also dates the coat to June 5, 1943. The last two pictures are of the pants, though I have no idea what all the random numbers are written inside the pants:

Here are some more pictures from the Summer Officers Uniform, not 100% sure what the stamp in the 3rd picture says, but it looks like "USAF Reject"?
Unfortunately you see that a lot with pants. It seems pants were passed around a bit. The H-1896 would be the laundry number for the jacket. This comes up wit 76 hits but you could probably narrow it down to about 5-6 if this came from Texas. Guessing so since it came from a local flea market. Closest I could find is a Jack R Holly. This doesn't narrow it down too much unless you can find more info. It could really be anybody of the 76 but Jack was in early enough and he was the only one from Texas with a confirmed Army enlistment. Not much to go on.

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