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US 6th Army Jacket

Article about: Just added this US 6th Army Jacket to the collection today. I bought it without doing much research but upon further exception I really like it It's named to an "Ernest E Littleford&quo

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    Great jacket in all and all I have in comparison to this early type is an Australian made version. Hope I'm not intruding by showing it, anyway here it is from my archive pictures, I haven't played with it for years!!
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture US 6th Army Jacket   US 6th Army Jacket  

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    Very nice! I always love getting to see other items, that's a very cool piece!

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    Im pretty sure the bi-swing back wasn't introduced until early '42 when the russet leather belt was totally phased out. Either way, an uncommon jacket. I believe only a couple out of almost a hundred service uniforms in my collection have the belt hooks. A nice find!

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    The bi-swing back was actually dropped in 1942 to conserve on wool and the coat became a dress only uniform. Up to this point this particular uniform also served as a field uniform as there were no combat fatigues developed yet. (There were the blue denim "Work Fatigues" but nothing of the sort for combat. The development of various HBT fatigues started in the very early days of America's entry into WW2. In 1940, the bi-swing was introduced and again dropped in 1942 to save on wool. During this entire period (early pre-WW2 America's entry and early into WW2 development of combat uniforms was a priority and dress uniforms were now secondary.


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