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US M43 Field Jacket

Article about: Hello all, I was going through the Collector's Guild website and came across this M43 Field Jacket. I'm not too well experienced with US uniforms, but it looks fine to my untrained eye haha.

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    Quote by chbingle View Post
    Thank you for all the information! I’ll definitely save that, it helps a lot
    Glad to be of help.

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    Another one of these M43's caught my eye, its listed on eBay so I'd like to get some other opinions on it before I make any decision. The tags appear to be very worn and it has some replacement buttons. Any opinions on this one would be much appreciated as well!

    US M43 Field JacketUS M43 Field JacketUS M43 Field Jacket

    Heres the link to the listing:

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    I know these are reproduced for re-inactors, and I'm not quite sure what to look for to determine originality. This one appears original in my opinion but I know I'm not very knowledgeable with these haha

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    Also stumbled across this one. Both look good to me but as stated before I'm far from an expert with these Any onions would be very much appreciated!

    US M43 Field JacketUS M43 Field JacketUS M43 Field Jacket

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