Hello all, I have had an m1 sitting around that I've recently decided to dig further into. I am prepping for a reenactment and wanted to make sure it was accurate. Its a front seam, swivel bale, McCord lot #863C (which happens to be one that we know for sure was August of 1944.) As for the shell itself, I know its appropriate for the kit I am going to be representing, the event runners are fairly lenient on shell pattern just as long as it's not a Vietnam low dome, however, the exterior finish of it is less straight forward.
I have found various different forums and answers as to what the paint color of an accurate shell should be. My helmet is a dark green and has a bit of a sheen to it. From sources I have dug through, it's either a Korean war repaint or a European theatre repaint.
I am just trying to determine if this color of paint is appropriate for a late 43/early 44 kit or not. Attached are photos of the helmet. I have also been incapable of determining if it has cork or sand which would help distinguish the period of the paint job. Next time i'm at that location, i'll see about taking a grit off and testing it to determine it's type better.
Ignore the chin straps on the helmet, they are post war and not original to the helmet. I put them on there myself as I obtained the helmet with 1970's clip on style chin straps. They will be replaced with J. Murray straps for the event.

Finish Identification
Finish Identification