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BSA Mk.V bicycle

Article about: Most people will be familiar with the BSA folding para bicycle, but BSA also produced a more conventional military bicycle, based on a civilian tourer: the Mk. V. A development of the WW1-er

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    Quote by earlymb View Post
    In fact yes, I gathered a few original bits & pieces (but still miss original fenders and wheels) and mostly stripped the frame of paint. I did find the frame tube going from the pedal cranck up to the saddle has a hairline crack that needs to be sorted first. I do have a welder but not much experience, and I will practice a bit on some scrap sheet metal first.

    Attachment 1555706

    Attachment 1555707
    It will look great with a display of other period pieces when it's done!

    The trouble with these is that just about every one that went into private hands after the war was actually used to destruction and then went for scrap metal.

    Of course nowadays most people and certainly anyone who has any idea about militaria recognises that they have much more value than "just a knackered old pushbike"

    When they appear at UK fairs they tend to be as much as if not more than a brand new good quality bike but sometimes parts appear in the miscellaneous pile of a dealers table. I will keep my eyes open if you can show me pictures of what you are after.

    As for welding that frame crack I am about the same skill level as you by the sounds of it and I would ask a local garage to do it. It is a small job, should only take a few minutes and therefore not cost much especially if you know the garage staff. It would be terrible to "blow through" the metal for the sake of a few Euros Plus as you know it has to be a good weld as that is an area of high stress!

    Just a thought


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    "War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. A man who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing he cares more about than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature with no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself."

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    That's a good idea, but I will practice on sheet metal first to see what happens, and also if my settings are OK and then decide what to do. I did weld this week as I'm scratch-building a sheet metal brake, but that is 5mm thick steel so a bit more forgiving...

    I didn't think of asking my garage though, they are a 5 min walk from my house so definitely an option!

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    BSA Mk.V bicycle

    BSA Mk.V bicycle

    BSA Mk.V bicycle

    I was lucky and found this Mk.V rear fender in remarkable condition, complete with original reflector for a good price. I don't know the maker of my frame, but Phillips was one of the MK.V manufacturers together with Raleigh and BSA and maybe others.

    The tire is post-war, but of the correct pattern and size. Used but usable and since they don't sell these at Halfords, I grabbed it anyway

    Note how the inside bottom of the fender is also painted white, this is typical for the Mk.V

    Now only 2 complete wheels and a front fender to go...

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    nice score! get all of the parts you can find. even duplicates, they are going to become UNATANIUM, before you can say JACKIE ROBINSON!!

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    Unfortunately it seems the fender is for a post-war bike, which had 26"wheels (MK.V has 28")...

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