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Jeep for investment

Article about: Hi Folks i am seriously thinking of buying a Jeep one for a bit of fun and enjoyment two has an investment, i am UK based has anyone done anything similar, i dont mind a bit of graft and fat

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    Quote by m3bobby View Post
    Was that a pancake filter? That’s the reason mine was so expensive, the F marked pancakes are so bloody rare I realised I just had to do it.

    Sorry that was in response to early MB but it hasn’t quoted his post.
    Yes, a pancake and fortunately not rusted through at the bottom as some are. $800 for an original and decent pancake is not a bad price, I've seen them go over $1k.

    Quote by greatwhite View Post
    Im sure i will pick one up somewhere, all parts including the carb horn are needed but not for a while yet.
    I'm sure you know about every single part of a jeep is available as reproduction (of various quality), but especially for later MB/GPW's original parts can be found and it's basically a question if you can wait for the correct part for a good price, or are happy to fit a repro part in the meanwhile. Finding out what version of a part you need is fun, and I can recommend Lawrence Nabholtz's book (any of the 2 editions) if you can find it, and John Farley's books for that as a start.

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    Well some months down the, chassis and running gear totally stripped and re built the old girl is getting there.Jeep for investment
    Jeep for investment
    Jeep for investment
    Jeep for investment

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    Ahh brilliant Mate!!! Thanks for ya update, need ya to fix mine!!!

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    cheers pal.

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