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VN "Cowboy Hat" Collection

Article about: The next stop in sharing my collection with the forum brings me here, to share my small collection of Vietnam Cowboy Hats. I believe these are still hugely undervalued (especially if they ar

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    Those are nice. Wish I had a T/S one. Rich A. in Pa.
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    Circuit advertisement VN "Cowboy Hat" Collection
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    Excellent hat display, Thanks for sharing
    Cheers Rick

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    Nice hats. These are great.

    Was recently in the hunt for some Vietnam era knick knacks for my M1 helmet. One dealer had one of these for sale. Was very tempted. Just might go back and see if it's still for sale....
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    Very Cool collection,
    That type always reminds me of the Aussy hats.

    Semper Fi

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    Quote by XJC View Post
    Fourthly, another with a few nice patches, I really like the Airman rank insignia to the front. Also has the Bien-Hoa tab, a couple of Thai air base patches and the standard 'Sorry bout that' patch to the other side. A proper Airman's Cowboy this one.
    You have a very cool collection there.
    Once upon a time, I had one that had a NKP Thailand patch on it. Wish I still had it.
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    Really nice. And I agree with Phil.

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    Quote by Watchdog View Post
    I had perhaps best not look too closely lest I live up to my "Militaria Magpie" sobriquetcool
    It's funny what you Brits call a Magpie lol.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture VN "Cowboy Hat" Collection   VN "Cowboy Hat" Collection  

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    Thanks for the comments guys.
    They all have a certain uniqueness and story to them which makes them interesting to collect.

    I'm still after a nice Duck-hunter one, but I don't think it'll be cheap if I find it.

    And yeah, the Australian Magpie looks like a negative version of the European one!

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    I lived a short distance from the Udorn RTAF base for a couple of years back in the '90s and have wanted one of the pilot cowboy hats ever since. These are utterly cool hats.

    VN "Cowboy Hat" Collection

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    Great collection, very cool


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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