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Advice on purchasing an MG34 please

Article about: Hi to everyone, the time has now arrived for me to purchase an MG34, however having read the posts on this forum regarding fakes etc it has made me worry a little about spending lots of mone

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    Default Advice on purchasing an MG34 please

    Hi to everyone,

    the time has now arrived for me to purchase an MG34, however having read the posts on this forum regarding fakes etc it has made me worry a little about spending lots of money of something that is not as it may seem !

    I want something in good condition and original, as with all my items I collect its nice to know they are genuine and if I ever needed to I could sell them as 100% genuine. I would also hate to think something I have admired for years on my shelf was actually a pile of scrap metal.

    Should I steer clear of Russian captures ? to me personally this adds interest as they must have been being used when captured by the Russians, however it seems they are lass favored by seasoned collectors ?

    Are there any maker marks/codes I should look out for ? Is it common to find fake waffe stamps ?

    How do I know a gun is genuine and not simply made or donor parts that have been added later ?

    should I be weary of recently deactivated weapons ?

    I will probably buy from a dealer for a bit of security does anyone know of a reputable dealer in the UK has anyone had any dealings with Arundel Militaria ?

    I would be so grateful for any advice offered, its such a shame people are so dishonest !!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Advice on purchasing an MG34 please

    Mr Russellm I have a few weapons myself but not a MG34. It depends what country you are in if you live in the Uk it is going to be de-act & nothing else!! otherwise SWAT will be kicking your front door down!! lol. I dont think Russain captured weapons are frowned upon I might be wrong on that but it wouldnt bother me too much!! lol. Most of the MGs I looked at do the similar thing cock,fire,& can be stripped so far...I think you will be very hard pushed to find a weapon where the barrel swings out or even comes out!! & if you do its going to be top dollar prices!! Im not a expert on stampings so I cant help you there "sorry".. Arundel Militaria & a respectful company... so is D& B, & Saracen. Ive seen MG34s go from £850 up to £1300 but they are all new spec de-act.. Hope that helps alittle! sorry I couldnt be of more help , Terry

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    Default Re: Advice on purchasing an MG34 please

    Thanks terry, I personally don't mind the idea of a Russian capture just adds to the history, it's more I suppose in regards markings does anyone know if fake waffen stamps are common ? Or indeed where they should be found ?

    Also does anyone know what codes should be displayed on the weapon


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    Default Re: Advice on purchasing an MG34 please

    I don't know anything of this and personally wouldn't buy any MG new spec deadc in UK. Here is a little thread of MG 34 codes

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    Default Re: Advice on purchasing an MG34 please

    Here is the codes and production data for the MG 34 manufactures. Additionally the parts should have either the 2 or 4 digit serial stamped on all the major components except for springs and other very small parts.

    Estimated Production Number From Collector Grade: "MG 34-MG42 GERMAN UNIVERSAL MUCHINEGUNS" by Folke Myrvang

    Maget 70,000 code: cra
    Waffenwerke Brunn 170,00 code: dot
    Mauser Werke Borsigwalde 60,000 codes: S/243, ar
    Berliner-Suhler Waffen-und Fahrzeugwerke/Gustloff-Werke,Suhl 130,000 codes: bsw, dbf, 936
    Waffenfabrik Steyr 7,000 code: bnz

    My fully functional MG 34 (DOT 44) on its lafette with optics at a recent local shoot.

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    Default Re: Advice on purchasing an MG34 please

    Hi with the mg34 its a not as bad as the mg42 ie no one made them after the war as far as i know.
    you do have to look for added german stamps but this is more of a problem with pistols.
    If it was me i would hold out and wait for one with matching nos and if you can go to as many arms fairs as you can and look at and handle as many as possible.
    the russian captured guns will have electro pencil marks on the main parts this is normal for anything that has been through there hands.
    lots of deacs are made up from parts these guns will have mixed numbers and different levels of finish remaining on different parts so usually stand out.
    some dealers are not above re-blueing parts so they look better look out for this also, a good way to tell this is the smell that blueing fluid leaves behind if it is not done propperly also look at the proof markings done by the proof house they should be clear and easy to make out if a little small if they are not and sometimes they are not. but it may also be a sign thet the gun as been refinished or painted after it has been deact.
    All this sound a bit OTT but you are going to part with around £1000 so i would take my time and learn as much as possible first and if you find a cheap one take extra care.
    Most dealers are basically honest but not all will have a detailed knowledge of ww2 german guns they may be an expert on ww1 british but have just ended up with one to sell through p-ex.
    and a last thought is a newer deac wont have had ten or more years of collectors playing about with it as some do but it may well have a more simperthetic method of deac work than some of the newer ones.
    hope this helps and best of luck

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    keep looking on www, some times the are on there but you neet have EWB license or a deco version whit papers are free in Germany whit papers this one is on there now but you neet two ship it your self so collect your self in Germany and get get the paper work don befor pick up in Germany and you neet a local and European police transport licens etc etc but sometimes there are nice units on this site


    have fun on this site

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