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Browning Hi-Power - Offer

Article about: Hi everyone, hope every is doing healthy despite current time ... Would you help me determine something ? I've been offered a WWII Nazi era Nickled plated Browning Hi Power, was there any ch

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    the price is rely out there ! WOW! where do they get them from.? I have several of them that are blued that I would like to get that much for them!

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    Thank you all for the replies !

    I agree with all of you, very unlikely a german in the 40's would like to have a piece of metal shinning im the bushes like that Lol.

    This is post war stuff and as Martin said, it has apoiled a nice piece.

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    Hello gentlemen,

    From May 1940, the production of GP35 pistols at the Browning factory was resumed under German control who affixed their markings.
    From May 1940 until the end of the year 8,500 GP35 pistols were produced with the WaffenAmt code: WaA613.
    From January to March 1941, another 6,500 GP35s were produced with this same code.
    From March to September 1941 25,000 GP35 pistols are produced BUT WITH CODE WaA103 which appears to be the case with your weapon.
    In the last months of 1941 the WaA code changed again to become WaA140. This code will remain unchanged until the end of 1944.
    The serial number, the WaffenAmt 103 and the tangential increase situate the production of your GP 35 around March / April 1941, but on that date all the weapons delivered to the Germans were BLUED war black.
    Your nickel finish is therefore necessarily an addition after the war.

    Best regards from Alsace , France.

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    Good gun, great for 'under the pillow'; bad price.

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    it is nice to sleep with a LUMP UNDER YOUR PILLOW!!!

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    Bit of a pricey lump..

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