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MG-42 Authenticity Original or not/postwar?Need expert opinion

Article about: Hi all. I am in search of more info on this deactivated MG 42. This Mg 42 was produced by bnz in 1944. What parts were replaced after the war? What is not period correct? What did I see; 1)

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    drum magazine is most likely the original. It has a similar stamp, I saw an even more similar one, but I didn’t save the photo, I can’t find it... I need to wash off the new paint to see it better. Yugoslavia didn’t stamp stores.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture MG-42 Authenticity Original or not/postwar?Need expert opinion  

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    Hello gentlemen,

    The increase base is original, the only things missing are the increases for anti-aircraft fire & the rear sight. We can clearly observe the fixing hole at the front of the rear frame and the interior piston. The removal of the anti-aircraft sight was a common practice in the Austrian army after the war.

    I suppose that the service which deactivated this weapon gave a grinding blow to the rear sight to complete the neutralization. This measure was very popular in the 60s/70s by the Austrian or German deactivated services, they even removed the bayonet tenons from the K98k.

    Best regards from Alsace , France.

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    Quote by Gress27 View Post
    drum magazine is most likely the original. It has a similar stamp, I saw an even more similar one, but I didn’t save the photo, I can’t find it... I need to wash off the new paint to see it better. Yugoslavia didn’t stamp stores.
    LOL. The HASAG mark wasn't visible in your photo. This refers to the maker Hugo Schneider AG and is early war. It is original.

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    LArge letters could be austrian PIKP could be teoretically Pionier Kompanie? There was a bunch of MG42 delivered from old czechoslovak storages to Austria post 1960. Anyway this is probably a mixture weapon.

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    Do you think blue finish is original? I ve got one whith the same colour

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    Hello gentlemen,

    A little history. The MG 42 or MaschinenGewehr 1942 was manufactured from 1942 until May 1945, by 4 companies:

    1) - Maget. code « cra » & « swd » in 1945. Totale production : 195,000
    2) – Gustloff Werke, Suhl. code « dfb » & « svq » in 1945. Totale production : 115,000
    3) – Mauser Werke, Borsigwalde. code « ar » & « dd » In 1945. Totale production : 54,000
    4) – Waffenfabrik Steyr. Code « bnz » & « swj » end 1944 & 1945 Totale production : 80,000

    That’s a total production of around 445,000. MG42s. To this must be added the entire stock of spare parts produced by these companies but also by the numerous subcontracting companies.
    Example. The code “bpr”) is that of Grossfuss, subcontractor of feed cover for MG42.

    At the end of hostilities, all the weapons of the axis forces were gathered in huge depots and reconditioned in companies still in condition after the numerous Allied bombings.

    The Steyr Daimler Puch company, whose factory is located near the town of Steyr in Austria, was chosen among a few others to carry out the reconditioning and storage of these weapons.
    Remember that this company produced not only MG42s, but also K98k and MP43/44/45, among others.
    The stock of weapons in Steyr was so large that it was useless to import Jugoslav M53s, practically identical to the weapons in stock and much more expensive.

    After the war, many countries adopted the MG 42, either to use it as such (Germany MG3 still in stock today) or with slight modifications (Jugoslavian MG53 – Italian MG49/52 – Austrian MG42/59) or even as a manufacturing base for more efficient weapons (MG51 Switzerland – AA52 France – Belgian FAL etc.)

    Coming back to your weapon, it was therefore manufactured by Steyr whose code “bnz” corresponds to your weapon, in 1943. It was reconditioned for use in the Austrian army (BH mark – Österreichische BundesHeer - which was established in 1955).

    During the years of use of these weapons on the different fronts, unit armorers, and even users in the field, replaced worn or broken parts. Added to this is post-war reconditioning which consists of changing worn or defective parts with new parts from stock or from the recovery of second-hand parts of weapons unsuitable for reuse and modifying or removing certain parts to meet the standards of the time (Removal of the anti-aircraft increase for the Austrian army). We therefore see that it is practically impossible to find a perfectly homogeneous MG42, new from stock, without any modification, as fresh from the factory or from the barn – and even then.

    That being said, nowadays, it is relatively easy to find parts with the correct markings, which correspond to your weapon, at the various dealers located at gun exchanges or fairs. They must still correspond to the subcontractor who manufactured this part on behalf of Steyr during the correct period. But don't be discouraged, it's all a question of time.

    Regarding the "Tanning" of your weapon, it may or may not be original, hard to say. But in 1943 the tan was the standard protection for all weapons, it was only at the end of 1944 and in 1945 that this type of weapon received parkerized protection.

    In any case, after a few not too restrictive changes, you will find a superb and perfectly original weapon.

    Your ammunition drum is a good war time production, manufactured at "HASAG" :
    Hugo Schneider AG.
    For a beautiful set, you have to strip the green paint which is a post-war DIY. Once this green paint is removed, you should be back to the original "War Black" tan.
    Good Luck.

    Best regards from Alsace , France.

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