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My First K98

Article about: Hello all, I just received my first German K98 the other day and am very happy to finally have one in my collection! It is a 1939 Erfurter Maschinenfabrik (Erma) Produced example. It is impo

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    Closer look at the photos, in pic 7 there are import stampings near the front sight, looks like VT (Vermont). Pics 3-4 by the receiver looks like remnants of the stock refinishing seen on the RC Mauser rifles, so stock probably cleaned some. Nice rifle from a less common maker.
    Yeah good eye weller. I zoomed in and could make it out. Century Arms Imports CAI Bought a mix-matcher BYF 44 in mid-nineties for a shooter. Stamped CAI 8MM underneath of barrel. Must admit the above 98k does appear decent and a good code to own.

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    Reminds me of the Romanian capture rifles. My old DOU 44 looked similar in condition to yours in terms of condition and parts mis match. Nice rifle, enjoy it.

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