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My safe queen: G 41

Article about: In my small collection, this one is the winner: G 41 (Walther system) made by Berlin Lubecker Maschinenfabrik at the beginning of 1944. This rifle has probably been "left back" by

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    CBH is online now


    Quote by MAP View Post
    Yes, if I remember correctly these G41s were prone to malfuntion due to the gas operating systems and thus the G43 were deemed an improvement (despite the fact that the G43 itself had problems)....

    I have two G43's but will not shoot them...too afraid they will break and I could not get the replacement parts.

    I used to read a British paratrooper magazine and they would do test firing of historic weapons . They tested either a G41 or G43 and ended up breaking the receiver ! Someone was very upset that day !
    Great looking rifle , very clean .
    Cheers Chris

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    Quote by CBH View Post
    They tested either a G41 or G43 and ended up breaking the receiver ! Someone was very upset that day !
    A group of french Officers tested the G43 at the end of the war in Europe, while one of them was firing the rifle, the bolt broke and the Officer received it in the head ! Someone was very dead that day ! (true story)
    FELDGRAUEN, the German soldier on the western front, Summer & Autumn 1944
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    From my book about "Italian Partisans weapons" some photoes of partisans armed with the Gew41 ( and also the ZB26 or 30)
    My safe queen: G 41My safe queen: G 41My safe queen: G 41

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    Hello, it is not a ZB26 but a ZB30.
    Thr flash hidder is a evidence.

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    It is a ZB 30.

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