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No 4

Article about: Hi guys, well I have just bought a nice MG42 which I will show you later on, I could not help myself and at the same time I have just bought this very nice No 4, hope you like it

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    Quote by Ben Evans View Post
    Lets face it, with that rnd it will kill alsorts
    But for me, softer than 30'06 or 8mm at the range

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    Very nice example. I love the entire Enfield series. I have a No4 and a No1Mk3 back home and love shooting both of them. In Afghanistan, I found a Bowie blade bayonet with scabbard for the No4., as well as the spike bayo.
    Thanks for sharing,


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    I just got one last week. Have not shot it yet. I just wish mine was as nice as yours. Truely jealous....

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    Default Re: No 4 rebuilt lots of sporters back to full military, yours looks sweet.

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    NICE ENFIELD!!! what MFG is it?,it looks like a korea era fazakerly. the 303 is a little slower than a 30-06 which means it can kill any north american game that can be taken with the 30-06.

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