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P38 holster,original?

Article about: Picked this up,has rbn number and police stamp.Look and smells old but is in mint cond.Any help appreciated,paid 90.00 for it.

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    Default P38 holster,original?

    Picked this up,has rbn number and police stamp.Stiching has yellowed and holster smells old but is in minty unissued cond.Any help appreciated,paid 90.00 for it.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture P38 holster,original?   P38 holster,original?  

    P38 holster,original?   P38 holster,original?  

    P38 holster,original?   P38 holster,original?  

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    Looks good to me Toecutter. There has been many similar holsters on the market of late. Supposedly a large number came out of a warehouse in an Eastern Bloc Country. I have bought three or four in the past few months in your price range. I think it is a good pick up.

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    Yes I agree, while there are good repros being made, there was a truck load of pre 1945 un-issued holsters that have emerged from Eastern Europe and can be found with various dealers. One of the key signs being the leather is very stiff and dry. But they are authentic.

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    Thanks John and Anderson for the info and opinions!I too think they are no doubt original and am going to buy several more now before they dry up ,and they will soon ,get em while you can!The repo p38 holsters out there are 40.00 shipped and they are good for use but not even close with bogus stamps.Wow these holsters used to bring 200.00-300.00.Yes the leather is a little dry but can be brought back to life with a little conditioner and effort.This one is coming back to life.Insert a mag and carefully stuff with wadded paper let sit a while,these are a great piece of history.Lets see what they bring in 10 years!

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    I like the positive attitude but am not sure if these items will be worth more or less. Worries me.

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    I know John you never know,but the Russian capture holsters back when you could get them for 99.00 have doubled in price,I have 2 cxb4 and 2 jwa4 holsters from that time period.Anyway just bought 5 mor of the rbn holsters from IMA for 99.00 each free shipping,hope it works out,nothing ventured nothing gained!Anyway a good thing to have when selling your ww2 p38s and I have quite a few.The holster pictured I bought for 90.00 ,a guy picked it up at a gunshow,if the ones from IMA are this nice I will be very happy!

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    Im getting one.

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    Better get 2 any order over 150.00 is free shipping!

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    I think they are good value, especially when compared to an pre-1945 Luger holster. They will soon be snapped up.

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    I am about to order one, but what is the process of bringing them back to life?

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