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PPd-34/38, and PPD-40 for sale

Article about: Here is a link to some items that all will find interesting. Just wish I could A, afford them, and B, have them shipped to the U.S., but no joy! Âîåííûé àíòèêâàðèàò - Ëåéáøòàíäàðò, Çíàêè, Ìå

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    Default Re: PPd-34/38, and PPD-40 for sale

    If you can find a museum, like, as an example, the Pennsylvania Military Museum, in Boalsburg, PA, you may be able to get a letter, and deduct the value from your taxes. I agree, before you cut this up, and destroy it, I would at least take a look into some other options.


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    Do you still have the parts kit for sale!? I ned à recoil spring. /thanks

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