Hi! I'm a newbie here. I have a relic K98 grenade launcher sight (Schiessbecher; see http://www.inert-ord.net/ger03a/gerr...er/index.html; also figure 5, 7th photo from top at: Lone Sentry: German Rifle-Grenade Equipment (WWII Tactical and Technical Trends, No. 36, October 21, 1943) ). I intend to only make the parts that are missing, which include the main pivot machine screw and back washer(?) for the elevation, and the complete lower strap (including the knurled sight fastening bolt and screw) that fastens the sight to the K98. I need some help with dimensions of those parts. Is there anybody who might have a blueprint of the sight, or is willing to give me a few dimensions so I can make the scratch-built replacement parts? Thanks