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SS Markings

Article about: Hi guys, I have been trawling through the sites looking for the bargains (like we do! ) and I notice weapons with SS markings in triangles. Now with belt buckles they never did this and some

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    Default SS Markings

    Hi guys, I have been trawling through the sites looking for the bargains (like we do! ) and I notice weapons with SS markings in triangles. Now with belt buckles they never did this and some idiots ruined original buckles by stamping them with these marks, sadley is this the case with weapons or were some actually SS marked?

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    Default Re: SS Markings

    For sure, I've seen a couple in Germany with ugly stampings. But also have seen a lot of interesting too, must of them was found in the SS TK positions near Demjansk soon after the war ends. That was different MP 28-35 and Suomi 31 with Scull markings

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    Default Re: SS Markings

    Thanks Dimas, I take it most that you see on MP40 and K98 rifles are the fakes

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    Default Re: SS Markings

    There are many crooks out in collector land putting bogus SS markings on weapons..I have seen a very small amount of correct SS marked weapons..Some that are real are Bergman MP-35, bnz 98Ks, and GEW98s converted into 98K configuration..BILL
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    Default Re: SS Markings

    Unfortunately, there are many people out there who think that by adding a rune somewhere will increase the price. The strangest encounter I have had was a bog standard K98 bayonet, that had been discreetly stamped on the hilt. It would have been believable to the novice, but little did the guy know, i knew the person that had painstakingly made one of these stamps to fool the un-initiated
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    Default Re: SS Markings

    Does anyone have a picture of a genuine marking?

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    Default Re: SS Markings

    Hi Ben
    This is the only genuine ( I think) picture of an SS marking I have on a weapon. Deaths head + runes. Real examples with the Totenkopf are very rare, this was probably assigned to a camp guard. Not the sort of thing you would want to be caught with

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    Default Re: SS Markings

    Hey thanks John, its so I can distinguish these rubbish markings from the the real thing. I know of one dealer who is asking £3500 for a "SS stamped K98 snipers rifle" what a crock!!!!

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    Default Re: SS Markings

    Hi Ben
    I don't think any of us know for sure what markings were put on what pieces, and when. Because the "cowboys" tried to make a few quid in the early days, no one believes anything any more. I would definitely never say never, more air on the side of caution "caveat Emptor"

    Would this K98 be with a certain UK dealer by any chance?

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    Default Re: SS Markings

    John, to be hoest there a a couple who have for sale SS marked weapons, I have seen K98 rifles and a MP40 marked BNZ 42 but the SS stampings are the ones I have seen on fake buckles, thats what made me laugh, I will get some pics

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