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Unknown type magazines ????

Article about: in which weapons are those magazines ???thank you

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    Default Unknown type magazines ????

    in which weapons are those magazines ???thank youUnknown type magazines ????Unknown type magazines ????Unknown type magazines ????Unknown type magazines ????

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    Far (R) is for the Spanish Erma MPE copy in 9mm Largo, 2nd from (R) is Beretta 38/42/44.......the 3rd from (R) is Bergmann MP35......I'm not too sure about the mag on the far (L)......maybe KE-7 lmg???

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    Actually, far (L) looks a lot like a Czech ZB39.......

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    Its not a ZB39, I've got 2 ZB39s and a load of mags and its not the same.

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    I agree that its not for a ZB39, but could the mag on the left be for the later ZB52/57? I don't have any great still photography references, but Ian of Forgotten Weapons has done a video on a 7.62x39mm vz 52/57 & it certainly looks similar. In particular, there seems to be the identifying cut-out in one side of the feed lips. I cannot narrow it beyond either the vz 52 or the vz 52/57 (not sure if there was any difference between the original mags & those for guns converted to 7.62x39mm?) though.

    I know this is a very old thread & the OP has not even visited the forum for quite a few months... but I am interested in the Bren & its predecessors etc so, due to the limited photographic references noted above, I would be interested in a positive ID by others for my own 'education'.

    Many thanks,

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    Well I’m pretty convinced you’ve nailed it. I’ve looked at a few photos and I think your right. Kev Groom either has one or used to have one so I bet he could confirm it.

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    Vz-52 general purpose machine gun
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Unknown type magazines ????  

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