chbingle,you did good passing on that rifle!,save your money ,a better one will come along,I cant believe someone would pay that much for it,they must have wanted one pretty bad.Keep checking Gunbroker there are better ones out there,good luck in your search! Thanks mauser9!Yeah hate to part with the CE41,will probably keep it,good piece of history,most 41s went to the Russian front I imagine .The cupped buttplate is even numbered,they didnt do that very long!I could post many more pics of numbered parts but you get the idea.Handguard is numbered inside and stock too.Rear sight and parts,screws,floorplate,follower,bands ,stock lug.There are 7 proofs on stock,even top of handguard has one.Bore is nice and action is smooth.This k98 has never been messed with ,has all factory original parts as far as I can tell.Must have been a guard or camp rifle.