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Austrian M75 helmet covers

Article about: Hey all, I'm looking for some more info about the helmet covers the Austrians used on their M75 helmets. My main collection is European clones of the M1 helmet, as well as M1s used by Europe

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    I will definitely set up one of the Austrian helmets like that... of course I have a few ERDL covers laying around after a few years of collecting ;D

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    Ya could cut up a jacket hood!?! Cheers James for whacking up a pic, as no one else has!!!
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Austrian M75 helmet covers  

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    Ive bought a couple helmet covers from this guy on ebay

    Austrian post WW2 helmet cover for Austrian helmet (Reversible) | eBay

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    Little bit off topic, but just to add for the Dutch helmets, they have very interesting and many different M1 (M53 to be exact) helmets, also there are nice examples here on the forum. Except burlap, they have DPM camouflage in woodland and desert types also white for Snow/arctic. But what I find most interesting with the Dutch Forces that they often combined covers with net (cotton oficial issued) or burlap net field made.


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    Quote by James C View Post
    Miljac as you reside in the United States you might want to look closer to home for covers ,My first m75 example came with a rapid deployment cover fitted ,i know West German Bundeswehr soldiers would do trades for such helmet covers from other NATO contingents when they were on joint exercise so it is quite possible the Austrian armed forces did similar trades perhaps when cooperating closely with NATO Attachment 1459080
    Hi, have a look in this thread:
    Helmets and Camo covers
    ( #346 )
    Austrian M75 helmet covers

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    Austrian Bundesheer used in the early years the K4 Pattern Helmet cover in "Steintarn" (Stone Camo)

    Here you can buy one

    Bundesheer K4-Helmbezug tarn fur BH Stahlhelm, gebraucht - Army-Warehouse GmbH


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