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Combat Helmet of South Africa

Article about: I have searched the Steel Helmet forum looking to tag onto an existing thread on the subject with no luck so decided to start a thread off This type is known as the Staaldak Helmet and was u

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    very interesting.

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    Love it Ade, but it really really needs a liner!

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    Nice find Ade, if you can try and find a spare French liner as a temp measure untill you can source an SA example, I've done this and they fit perfectly
    Regards James

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    Guys, to summarise this useful Thread, are these called "Model 1963" officially?....and is there any significance re the strap variations....or are they ALL Model 1963 regardless of strap ends and hook variations please? I've only got one and I'm keen to understand if it's THE helmet...or one of several. I still haven't found a Fuchs liner ('seen plenty of French ones - thanks for the tip JC)....just sayin'......

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    As far as I can see - which does not include any identifiable SA government documentation - this is indeed the Model 63 and that's that. Any minor variations in fixtures and fittings are inconsequential to the overall designation. This may of course not be right.

    Finding a specifically Fuchs liner may be difficult as they aren't marked. Well, *I* have never seen one anyway. A reasonable person might assume that the liner which arrives in a Fuchs shell is a Fuchs liner, but where would we be making assumptions like that then eh? I'm inclined to say that one tell is that the leather fittings will be more brightly coloured (red, green) than French product, but that's only on my own observations. There is also a little moulding circle in the crown on the liner which is not present in any French-made mle51 liner so may be specific to local SA manufacture. The liners are, so far as I can see, always modelled on the third type of mle51 liner, which has an adjustable headband but no fitted nape brace. So while using a mle51 liner will 'fit' in a sense, ideally you'd be looking for one with the right characteristics and no makers mark in the dome (which pretty much rules out all of them except for SA-made ones...)

    You'll find good illustrations to support all these wild assertions on the WWH page (bookmark it now!)

    This whole thing seems more complicated by the fact that SA actually bought in export-mle51 before making their own. No-one said this was easy.

    Late addition - to be clear re the liners - I don't think I have yet seen a French-made liner (for a French mle51, exports may be different) which did not have a makers mark and often an indication of what it was made of. Portuguese liners for the M64 (the Portuguese version of the mle51) have a moulded makers mark in the crown. The liners which I believe are SA product have no distinguishing marks save for that little circle mentioned above.
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    Small update to the thread ,Picked up this South African army riot helmet ,as far as i know all elements of the South African army were trained in civil unrest .
    Unsure the period of this example but can confirm the liner sizing is imperial not metric if there are any clues there to the year of manufacture and also the chin cup has a made in England moulding ,other than that there are no other visual markingsCombat Helmet of South AfricaCombat Helmet of South AfricaCombat Helmet of South AfricaCombat Helmet of South Africa
    Regards James

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    Just showed Wifey and she thinks they still use them (mind you she's been here for 15 years now)
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Combat Helmet of South Africa  
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    Funny how the RSA surplus is rusted! buggers must have stored it all outside!! "BE" I suppose!!
    Really like your helmet Mate - iconic piece of history there!
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    Rene' Great reference picture ,thank you for sharing it shows what looks to be the very same helmet type albeit in a blue colouration in use by the South African Police ,when i enlarge the picture i notice also what looks the very same chin cup found as on my example so must be original to the helmet after all
    Regards James

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