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East German NVA M56 helmets

Article about: Hi guys here I have a first pattern M56 East German helmet. The M56 was produced by Eisen und Hütte AG and the liners by VEB Sattler und Taucha Lederwarenfabrik. The design was originally a

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    Quote by Jack View Post
    Two points everyone missed: (1) Brendon did not comment on any stamps in the shell of his helmet, just the liner type, chinstrap, and pins; (2) a careful scrutiny of his and my helmet reveals the usual small lip or curve at the rim - the same lip that is on all M56 lids. A close look at photos of the B11 shows NO such lip. The curve of the B11 goes straight down front, back, and sides. So perhaps a telltale clue for all buyers. P.S. Through the kindness of eBay, I am purportedly getting a full refund, likely thanks to the estute comments of the folks on this forum. And I have a steel souvernir of my folly.
    High Jack, $300 is a lot to lose like this but together with the location and the unusual nature of the iten itself should add up to a huge red flag, well more of a banner actually! It's good to know Ebay are refunding though, and as you say you have "the rogue" to use as a demonstration piece.

    At least you know what it is now. I am sure others have bought these and are blissfully unaware that they are treasuring a chunk of Iron Pyrite which they are convinced is Gold!

    As for the two points we all "missed" I did in fact refer to the turned rim in post #112 and the absence of the shell stamp on Brendons Helmets in post#114.

    It was never my intention to collect any more than one M56 but I think I have about nine now comprising the M56 proper, the interim modified early shell with late liner and the last type with no rivits and locating nipples welded to the inside (I purposely don't use the "collector" nomenclature as the often causes more intrigue!) and they are mostly different colours / finishes so yes these are interesting in their own way.

    Let me (and the rest of the collecting community) know if you find a B/II!!!


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