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French TAP M-56

Article about: by ruddersrangers44 This deffo my quest for 2014.............make no mistake.......... Hi Jake, good plan. They do come up on French Ebay occasionally, but I have spend hour's, and hours ove

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    Default French TAP M-56

    Hi Fellow Collectors.

    Here's one of my French TAP M-56 Helmets from my collection, I got this one directly from France, and is in very good condition for it's age.
    The chinstrap is a repro,apart from that it's all original!


    French TAP M-56
    French TAP M-56
    French TAP M-56

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    Default Re: French TAP M-56

    This will have Greg jumping outta his seat for sure,i've been looking for years and never yet even got close to finding one,at least they do exist....fantastic display and thanks for showing............Jake.

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    Default Re: French TAP M-56

    Hi Jake, many thanks for looking and the comments, I have another one ,which I am in the process of restoring , like this one it is missing the chinstrap, but hopefully I will be able to source a chin strap for it, I will post that one up too!!

    Thanks again,Opex.

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    Default Re: French TAP M-56

    Opex generally speaking im not a "world helmet collector like yourself but would like one just for referance being an airborne helmet,any tips on where to look?.......Jake.

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    Default Re: French TAP M-56

    Hi Jake, to be honest I scoured the market in the UK for years to find any TAP M-56 helmets, I got this one from France ebay,cost quite a bit ( as well as the postage) but I feel it was worth the added expense.

    My other TAP example again was from France, but this I traded for a British Helmet, this particular one is in a bad state, and has been painted over many times, my long term plan is to restore it back to it's former glories.

    Like yourself I am a real fan of Para helmets,you have good taste.

    Hopefully French ebay will be a good source for you to look, regards Opex.

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    Default Re: French TAP M-56

    Excuse me Opex for sounding off,but isn't that liner the M53 type?according to Brendons helmets.....Jake.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture French TAP M-56   French TAP M-56  

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    Default Re: French TAP M-56

    Hi Jake, very good point , I guess there is a school of thought that say's the TAP 56 must have the liner like the type shown on Brendons website, this is not the case,and in fact many types of liner would have been fitted into the TAP shell. But a good Good question Jake.

    Check out this excellent link for examples of types of liners used.

    .: World War Helmets - Erreur 404 :.

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    Default Re: French TAP M-56

    great french lid opex ,ive not seen this one ,looks superb and I especially like the rubber banding and satin 300 cammo cover
    Regards James

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    Default Re: French TAP M-56

    I've just noticed the differance,your liner is Infantry type,where as the liner from Brendons site has the A frames installed,so with that type how could you wear both chin cups?and with the A frame type installed in the non 3 point system how did that stay attached to the shell during the drop?................Jake.

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    Default Re: French TAP M-56

    just my thoughts jake but i should imagine as long as the chinstraps were a nice tight fit on the head there would be little movement during a jump ,so the style of liner would be irrelevant ,and it seems mis-matching of liners was a common practise on these french lids ,perhaps the liner combination on this particular example was just down to the individual's preferances ,kind regards james
    Regards James

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