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Helmets and Camo covers

Article about: Dusted off a few helmets recently and thought i would start a thread showing a few of my Groupings and will add more as time goes on and seeing as my favorite collecting genre is the cold wa

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    Sorry if this one's already elsewhere within this fine thread.....I bought it cos I didn't have one...but I wasn't sure what it was.

    Now, after some research, I'm pretty sure its a French woman's F1 cover...I THINK it's military tho' someone told me it was Police. If I am right about the we know if they were also used on the Spectra??

    Helmets and Camo coversHelmets and Camo coversHelmets and Camo covers

    sorry but the "natural sunlight" attempts resulted in a complete colour change!

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    Nice Cover Ade and well displayed ,I believe these are Gendarmerie issue fitted when on manoeuvres to camouflage the glossy blue exterior ,The French Gendarmerie form part of the French armed forces so are worthy of adding for people who are dedicated to collecting only military helmets ,here are my two examples and the cover fitted to the F1 is smaller than the mle 56 cover although similar in having the 4 part construction Helmets and Camo coversHelmets and Camo coversHelmets and Camo covers
    Regards James

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    Doh!!! What kind of collector is interested in “civil” helmets?!!! :-)

    Seriously, thanks for the info

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    Your welcome Ade
    Regards James

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    duplicate - text deleted

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    URGENT - HELP REQUIRED - hello, sorry about the red text but I've seen it on "New Posts" and thought it was relevant here....after all we all know how "urgent" a question about old war stuff can be...for instance, I may be clawing at a crumbly cliff edge, trying to save my life and that of my fluffy puppy that's in my other hand...and whilst I'm wondering how I'm gonna call for a rescue I remember that before I do so I HAVE to identify some smelly old cloth as a matter of urgency....I mean, WTF...REALLY???

    Anyway, I recently got a job lot of stuff said to be "flight helmet covers"....but I don't recognise the camo and if they ARE military they clearly missed the quality check AND the Stamping/Labeling department. Shape-wise some would look at home on a Sphera or even one of the many PASGT-shaped Compos...or yes, even a Flight Helmet. At least one has been worn and looks Woodland-esque but there's no markings...but there's no markings on any of them. My gut feel is that only one is "official"...but others may surprise me.....

    Suggestions would be most welcomed please:-

    Please use the picture ID codes when responding - they are there to help us all when the Tsunami of explanations start rolling in.

    Helmets and Camo coversHelmets and Camo coversHelmets and Camo coversHelmets and Camo coversHelmets and Camo coversHelmets and Camo coversHelmets and Camo covers, all I'm looking for is which Country, which helmet, pattern designation, makers etc etc :-)

    or, for those Facebook members:-

    "Wots thees an how muhc"

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    4a & b are US ERDL (Engineer Research & Development Laboratories) you can look that up.

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    ...I kinda thought that...but no markings whatsoever??? is that normal?

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    Yep it is Mate, most where made by blind people.

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    You have picked up some good variations there Ade ,no idea i'm afraid but to rule out the US flight helmets idea as far as i know they were fitted with tailor made covers or in some cases cut and modified pasgt covers
    Regards James

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