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hungarian model 50 helmet

Article about: another salty helmet to share for your viewing pleasure and the first hungarian helmet to my collection ,im assuming this one would be military police at battalion level because of the marki

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    Default hungarian model 50 helmet

    another salty helmet to share for your viewing pleasure and the first hungarian helmet to my collection im assuming this one would be military police at battalion level because of the markings the liner pad has a previous owners name penned in on the reverse side ,whats interesting is the date stamp on the inside crown 1949 ,this pre dates the models designation so as you can imagine im confussed . com ,i did think perhaps a batch number so ill look forward to your thoughts on that one ,the chinstrap is sewn on the D rings so is in keeping with its vintage as i believe the later models have rivited straps ,enjoy james hungarian model 50 helmethungarian model 50 helmethungarian model 50 helmethungarian model 50 helmethungarian model 50 helmethungarian model 50 helmethungarian model 50 helmet

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    Nice lid yet again James!!!! I think the date issue is similar to my Austrian M1 clones.... as in the designation is M58 but the first dated examples are 1957... as they started manufacturing early the previous year ... in order to meet the demand when they were issued !!

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    paul your explanation makes sense i thought it would be the year of manufacture ,im glad i picked up an early one ,id be interested to know from the other members who might have an example to get a rough idea of there stampings too for comparison ,do you know if the m50/70 uses the same shell but reworked for the upgraded liner ,cheers matey

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    Very nice James and thanks for showing


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    Another interesting lid mate!...
    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

    I'm Spartacus, not really i'm Paul!...

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    Very cool winter camo helmet - I have yet to find one for my collection - these were used during practice-drills, battle-simulations - I have a photo of it, will scan for you:

    hungarian model 50 helmet
    This one has a red star in the front of the helmet (since a red star is not really a smart thing to have on the white camo, I'm thinking that the troops wearing stars or black stripes, were the "enemy" during the battle smulations, but I'm no expert)

    The "1949" is actually a lot number. They started to produce these helmets in January, 1951.

    size 1 (59 head size) - 2 %
    size 2 (57 head size) - 20%
    size 3 (55 head size) - 40%
    size 4 (53 head size) - 31%
    size 5 (51 head size( - 7%

    As you can see; size 1 and size 5 are the "rare sized helmets", I have a few size 2 & size 4 helmets, but yet to find the rare sizes (probably never will).
    Also, they gave orders to only produced 20,000 M50 helmets with the red star decals - for parades, but most likely less were made. I have 3 of those - also not a very common item, especially that during / after 1956, the decals probably "scratched off".
    If you ever see one, get it!

    Looks like this:
    hungarian model 50 helmethungarian model 50 helmet

    Yes, all the helmets that were produced in the 1950s, have "sewed" chin-straps, so you have an "early type".

    The name "László" is a first name in Hungary - so the family name has to be there also - in front of the "László" (László is sort of like: Leslie)

    So anyway, you gave a rare winter-camo helmet - not a bad "first helmet"!


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    Just some more thoughts:

    M50 helmets (early 1950s) had no manufact. lot number stamps inside of the helmets, only "ink stamps" - usually the size and sometimes the pre-1956 Hungarian crest with a date (most of the times 1952 - 1953). On these early helmets, the manufact. date were ink-stamped on the liner pads - 'alas most of these faded over the years.

    Your helmet has lot number stamp - which places this helmet post 1956 BUT pre 1965, when the riveted chinstaps were introduced (and unfortunately, lower quality/thinner leather were used.) Also, by the late 1950s, lot numbers were stamped - but NOT on all of them. Frankly, these thing are a blur to me, and there is no books about this subject, only some basic info.

    So you probably have a helmet made in 1956-1964. Still an early type, just not the earliest...

    Again, I'm no expert - these are based on my around twenty M50 helmet collection.

    The early pre-1956 revolution M50 helmets have another variant as well. A small letter "R" (R, short for RENDŐRSÉG or RENDÉSZET - means: POLICE) were stamped on the front rim for few thousands of these, and were given out to military police, police and the feared AVH (secret police) troops.
    I have 4 of these helmets, all have the pre 1956 Hungarian crest and 1952-1955 dates ink-stamped - see pics:
    hungarian model 50 helmethungarian model 50 helmethungarian model 50 helmet
    These 4 helmets were issued to the AVH/secret police.

    So, if you find a helmet with a "R" stamp - you also have a rare variant...

    State Protection Authority - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    many thanks fabe for looking over my new addition why it took me so long to pick up an example ill never know so shame on me so mine would be opposing forces helmet thanks for clearing up the 1949 mystery stamp too ,the full name on the liner pad is and please forgive my interpretation is"To'Ko La'szlo' and i have his full thumb print in white paint on the inside shell can i ask how and where to look for the head size on this one ,it escapes me regards james

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    now added to the warsaw pact cold war displays ,the room is still work in progress hence the sawdust covered carpet ,for some reason i cant twist my wifes arm to tidy this part of the house but you get the idea, next the nato section hungarian model 50 helmet

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    " so mine would be opposing forces helmet " - that's my best guess...I'm thinking; it can't be a fireman's or air-defense helmet - they are both gray/silver (I have both).

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