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irish defence helmet

Article about: rabintex/orlite 85 pattern composite lid

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    Default rabintex 85 pattern helmet

    irish defence helmetrabintex/orlite 85 pattern composite lid
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture irish defence helmet  
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    Default Re: irish defence helmet

    Saw that one on Ebay. Technically it's stolen government property. As it's still in service with the reserve. So if you live in Ireland you can expect a visit from the PAs shortly. There is no such thing as Irish army surplus. On the other hand it's a good example of the old Israeli helmet which saw service with the regular Irish army. Enjoy but don't answer the doorbell for a while!

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    wrong conclusions, that one is still there


    Nice lid btw, what is the gas mask to fit it?

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    I doubt that anyone will be getting a visit from the Garda or anyone else - these helmets were fabulously rare until about six months ago when they started cropping up on eBay in bunches. I got mine then for less than half the price they were selling for six months earlier. Now they're everywhere - at the last Malvern show I saw quite a lot, including a whole boxfull of them (at least a dozen - had to restrain myself from buying one or two just on the old 'rare' reflex!) and reports are that they are now seen in quantity at many militaria shows in England.

    Nevertheless I'd say get one quick, just to ensure you get a good example - some of them are very well worn and its easy to see why they are being replaced. (Replaced by a newer Rabintex model, the 303, which is essentialy similar to that which is exported to Australia and several other countries.)

    Greg P
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    Default Re: irish defence helmet

    thanks for the comments guys its a nice lid in size large its my second one the other is size medium and so the paddyflange cover just didnt fit right its a nice design and reminds me of the us mich i purchased it from a legit website which stated it was now obsolete and with it not having any labels visable it might of been in hebrew for all i know and no i dont live in ireland ph3's im going to use an avon s10 for display i quess im going to be carefull who i open the door to now lol i might be worried if i had purchased a british mk7

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    Default Re: irish defence helmet

    Yes I doubt anyone will be receiving a midnight knock on the door from the Irish army even in Ireland. Actually I'd like to get my hands on one for my collection. Naturally I wouldn't be displaying it in my front window.

    They're still in service with the reserves though so they're not quite obsolete. Having said that some reservists use their own personal British Mk6 with a 'paddyflage' cover. Supposedly more comfortable.

    Mind you we were still using Mk2s when I was in the reserves back in the eighties.

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    hi noelh and thanks for your input yes your right the cover fits perfect on a mk 6 untill i bought the rabintex that was how i was displaying it crikey a mk11 in the eighties im amazed they arent using the turtle helmet now ,like i say i would be more bothered about purchasing a mk 7 at the moment in case somebody comes knocking irish defence helmet

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    Default Re: irish defence helmet

    Tangential to this, it would appear - fro correspondence of Irish military forums - that the new Irish army helmet which has replaced this Orlite 85 model is the Rabintex RBH 303IE, which is said to be identical to the Rabintex RBH 303AU, the current issue Australian helmet, which is illustrated here - Composite Helmet, Ballistic helmets, Military helmets AUSTRALIA, Australian helmet, Kevlar helmet .

    It also seems that under Irish law all current-issue military kit remains the property of the state and it is illegal to sell. This does *not* any longer apply to the Orlite, which has been discarded from stock.

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    Default Re: irish defence helmet

    many thanks greg for the info ive not opened the front door to anybody for the past 3 weeks i can relax now, but seriously though the rabintex looks very much like the us mich can i also say your web site is awesome with some great referance photos well done mate

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