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M1A1 LL Para helmet

Article about: Hi Guys. Whilst there is nothing rare about this 1967 model of M1A1 LL Para helmet, it is interesting that the original owner,had jumped from a CH-47 (Chinook)) three times, and a C-160 Tran

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    Here is my Dutch Para Commando helmet. Used from the mid sixties till the mid nineties. Two vented and two solid bolts.

    The symbol on the front escapes me.


    M1A1 LL Para helmetM1A1 LL Para helmetM1A1 LL Para helmet

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    This helmet is still confusing me. It seems like it's made for Belgians.

    M1A1 LL Para helmet M1A1 LL Para helmet M1A1 LL Para helmet M1A1 LL Para helmet

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    NSN Number 13 = Belgium
    Made 1996.


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    Fellows, how many foam pads ought to be under the leather liner? I got one helmet that with only has 3

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture M1A1 LL Para helmet  

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    My two helmets have four pads. I think you are missing one next to the stitching, in the rear. They are very close together in my Netherlands used helmets.


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    Four pads is standard. One is missing.


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