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Mystery Italian/Spanish M33 Helmet

Article about: Hello! I recently picked up this odd Italian helmet, I believe it to be a Spanish Civil War used helmet but I'm not sure if it's even an M33. The only stamp I could find was T-59 (which I as

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    Quote by OsiusGaming View Post
    Here's another example of the type of helmet people refer to as Finnish-refurbed. But based on the rivet holes at the front, these helmets really are actually Spanish. The helmet pictured is not mine, although I do have one similar without the holes on the front.
    I lean towards Finnish on this one also, the chinstrap is the same as the one I posted. The holes are interesting, I used to own an Italian helmet that had a cap badge mounted with a drilled hole and I've seen others with the tropical helmet badge mounted, not with 4 holes I will admit though.

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    I'm just of the opinion that these sorts of m33's being Finnish is a red herring. Other than posted in the book,I have yet to see any definitive proof that Finland used rivets in place of air vents/used this type of liner. Of course, this is just my take. The paint on these m33's with the unique liner seems to match closely to the same paint on known Spanish m33 helmets.

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    Heres another helmet with similar rivets and holes on the front, but with the original m33 liner.
    Mystery Italian/Spanish M33 Helmet
    Mystery Italian/Spanish M33 Helmet
    Mystery Italian/Spanish M33 Helmet

    And compare the paint texture/ color from the two helmets I have posted to my Spanish M33
    Mystery Italian/Spanish M33 Helmet

    Just the theory I have

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