hi everyone,

man its been ages since i've been on this forum. glad to be back. for a number of years i was out of the loop collecting as i had moved from a cushy bay area california job to germany where salaries are much lower and the helmet budget was totally slashed. however this year i had my breakthru and i'm kind of "back" and recently got a few pieces, a soviet ssh36 used in spain and a swedish dragoner pickelhaube.

the latter of which i'd like to ask the good forum about. i dont know much about swede stuff. when i noticed the helmet i looked around as best i could and i dont think i got robbed but am curious to hear what these are worth. Weitze has a few but they're super expensive and based on expired auctions seem to be about 3x market. but not sure, nothing is what it was even 5 years ago.

anyways i'll post 'er here, and i'd love to hear what you think about it, and what you think one ought pay for such. heres a pic of her, and her also chilling with her new swiss neighbor, from around the same period. they've had a fun time getting acquainted, talking about hte old days, and making jokes how american toursists always think they're the same country.

many thanks in advance

greetings aus dem Kurpfalz


Swedish Pickelhaube, interwar period dragonerSwedish Pickelhaube, interwar period dragoner