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Unusual Ventless Italian M33 - NVA Use?

Article about: When I purchased this helmet I thought it was an Italian M33. However, when I got it home, it suddenly occurred to me that it had no vent holes and the placing of the rivets was similar to t

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    Quote by anzacblade View Post
    OK Steve,

    What is they say in addiction anonymous meetings, "I'm a helmet nerd and its been over 2 hours since my last post"

    I've just come across this colorized photo and I'm wondering if we have an image of a ventless M33 in Finnish service?

    What do you reckon? The title on the picture is '2 cm Flak 30 (2 cm Flugabwehrkanone 30) positioned in the village of Harlu, 28th of July 1944'. The same site had some other less conclusive pictures, but I think they were M33's

    Cheers David

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    It looks more like a normal vented M33 he has put on backwards

    Unusual Ventless Italian M33 - NVA Use?

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    Quote by anzacblade View Post
    Just to confuse matters, here's one of a different crew in a different location in 1944, this time the bloke on the left of the breach (the gun commander ?) is, I think, wearing an M33 with vents !! Also attached, two of vented M33's in Finish service.
    Yes, Finland did use M33 supplied by Italy, what's in question is whether they refurbished them, and the lack of evidence to say with any confidence that they did.

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    You're right Jesper!!

    It didn't occur to me that he may have put it on backwards.

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    If I've understood correctly, there is no definitive evidence of any Spanish M33's having been supplied to any other countries.
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    Unusual Ventless Italian M33 - NVA Use? Unusual Ventless Italian M33 - NVA Use?Unusual Ventless Italian M33 - NVA Use?Unusual Ventless Italian M33 - NVA Use?

    Included is some translated info from one of my books written by the Finnish War Museum in 1997, a great little book with lots of helmet-related info. They include some interesting information regarding the M/33 but don't go into much detail in terms of the construction of the helmet. It does appear in terms of what I can find that the Finnish only used M/33 with vents in all of the pictures I've seen.


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    Thanks Jack, That backs up the consensus opinion. Cheers David

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