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Armband ID help Please

Article about: I am posting here for some help with ID as I have spent a couple of hours searching and have not been able to figure out. I will post individually in the correct forum after ID. Any help is

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    Although none of yours are listed on the site, this is quite interesting:
    Armband Identification Gallery
    "Per Ardua"

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    Thank you for all of the help Smitty and Paulp. That site was my first go to. At Least the doctor armband was listed there. It would be interesting to find one that or two that are not very well known or at all.

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    Still working on the black armband.. The Sütterlin lettering is somewhat challenging.. I think the last word is Fuhrung which loosely translates to "guide" or "leadership" or "command",, there are a few different classes it could fit into but the first word is throwing me at the moment. My wife looked at it quickly as she is on break with her students but will spend some more time with it later..


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    I am guessing it is related to HJ or BDM as it was with the other items I picked up.

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    We should close this thread and I will post these in the HJ sub forum for non members to see as well.

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