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What is Covid-19 like on the other side of the pond?

Article about: We are in full shut down mode as of today. Still going to work but not much else. We are just beginning to surge of cases and deaths. Italy and Spain are struggling. What is life like in the

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    As someone who works in a supermarket, I've been unfortunate enough to see the panic buying here in the UK firsthand. By midday, every day without fail, the shelves are stripped bare of toilet paper, dried pasta, canned foods... Meat and milk are two other big sellers at the moment. Honestly, you'd think a nuclear war was imminent with the amount people have been taking off the shelves. We've had to introduce rationing to try to curb the shortages, but it's had little effect at all. Every single day has been nothing but pure anarchy.

    As of yesterday, I'm in self isolation for 14 days, as a family member was sent home from work with flu-like symptoms. We're now all confined to the house, which I'm grateful for, considering the craziness going on at work at the moment. I've been watching the news, watching everything shutting down, looking at live pictures of London's deserted streets. It's getting worse day by day, and I can't help but feel that this outbreak will have some very far-reaching implications. Economically, especially.

    All we can do, as the old British saying goes, is 'keep calm and carry on'. And that's exactly what we're doing.

    Stay safe, everyone.

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    Warrington is reacting much the same as everywhere else. Bare shelves in the shops... bog standard bog rolls sold out, no bleach, no hand wash, no hand wipes, shortage of meat, beer...

    Our house lies directly underneath the John Lennon (Liverpool) airport flight path, and we only saw one plane all day yesterday. There is a deafening silence... This morning we had to travel into town during the rush hour to pick up our 14 month old grandson while our daughter went to work, there were hardly any vehicles on the road! My eldest daughter runs her own PR business, and her clients are already cancelling. I doubt if her business will survive this. She should be holding a book launch at a posh venue in Manchester in the next few weeks, but she has been advised to cancel because of the risks of contamination. The only problem is that the owners of the venue are holding her to the contract - and she must pay whether it is cancelled or not.

    Some of the smaller shops owned by a particular section of the community are cashing in on the panic buying, and are increasing their prices by ridiculous amounts. But I dare say that people will remember them when this ends. Our local doctors is now closed, and all appointments are done on line or by phone.

    I am in the 'at risk' group because of my kidneys, and my wife has already told me that I should get out while I still can and stock up on paint and other stuff so that I can decorate the hall, stairs, and landing when I have to self isolate!
    My eldest daughter and her husband were due to come on Thursday, but she has just cancelled because her husband is ill with a bad cold. My youngest daughter was in a meeting at work yesterday, to discuss who will be allowed to work at home. Apparently she will not be one of them because: 'You have young children and you will play with them instead of working

    Times like this really do bring out the best and worst traits of human nature.... KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON!


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    I say let the panic buyers keep doing it.
    As they are properly the only ones keeping the worlds economy going...

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    but on a serious note. This is a real pain in the butt.

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    School just got cancelled yesterday here in Sweden. Here on the country side, everything is just about normal except that we can't be in big crowds of people.

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    In France, the entire country is confined at home. Schools, cinemas, swimming pools, museums, libraries, and all shops that don't sell food are closed. Only supermarkets, bakeries, banks and tobacco stores are allowed to open. We need an "Ausweis" to go out to supermarkets or to breath some fresh air for a few minutes. The police and Gendarmerie are everywhere to control the Ausweis. If you don't have one, it's a 135 euro fine...that can be raised to 350 euro. There had been many problems between citizens and law enforcement units since it started as the french people is far from being the most disciplined people on earth.
    Personaly, in the morning i'm now a teacher as i help my children and make them do their homework that we receive everyday via the Internet and in the afternoon, they can spend some time in front of their screen (TV, Internet, video games). After the confinement in two or three weeks, they'll have the spring vacation, another two weeks with them at home.
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    My college just cancelled the rest of semester and said we'd be doing online classes for the remaining of the year.While that ***** the worst part is that i'm now unemployed for the foreseeable future as the Restaurant I cook at has been forced to close due to the corona virus

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    Its only going to get worse here in the US as its Spring break and the masses are flocking to certain beaches and already have infected others..then ..multiply that on top of more multiplication. Selfish Bastards
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    Most supermarkets are clear of meat and tinned cans......but got enough for the next couple of weeks, got enough alcohol in, biscuits, crisps flour butter eic.... the essentials eh !

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    Thank you for all of the conversations. It does show we are all in similar situations and conditions. Hopefully the financial impact will end in 3 to 4 weeks and we can all get back to somewhat normal conditions. All of us will push through this!!! Stay healthy.

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