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What is Covid-19 like on the other side of the pond?

Article about: We are in full shut down mode as of today. Still going to work but not much else. We are just beginning to surge of cases and deaths. Italy and Spain are struggling. What is life like in the

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    Figured I'd chuck in a funny from a while back on the the AU state border closures which are on going!!

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    One more!!

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    You have my heart felt condolences for your loss.

    Semper Fi

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    Ahh funny as!

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    again funny as!!
    And yes it's crap down here!!

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    Yeah, definitely pretty ordinary down here Rene.

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    Victoria set to break grim world record

    While restrictions will start easing towards the end of the month and most regional areas of the state could be out of lockdown next week, Melbourne is set to remain under lockdown conditions until at least the end of October.

    This means the city is poised to break a grim world record for the most time in lockdown.

    On September 23, the date the state is set to reach a 70 per cent first dose vaccination rate, Melbourne will enter its 235th day in lockdown.

    The Herald Sun reports that Argentinas Buenos Aires is the current lockdown record holder with 243 days.

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    Hey, many congratulations! You should all get together and have a big Party to celebr.......errr.......sorry....scrub that.....

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    Seems like all have been quiet for most of this month? .... there's nothing left to joke about, & covid has given us all the sh#ts. ( or is that just me? )

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    Hey, USA has just kindly changed their Policy to let Brits in...... as we continue to top the Most Infections in Europe chart......perhaps the list was upside down????

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